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    October 23, 2002 - Rawtimes Review

    I would like to recommend Urban Organic for Home Food Delivery in the New York Metropolitan area. Their weekly food deliveries are always fresh, organic local produce, at competitive prices. Each week brings welcome surprises and always with friendly service. No long term commitments, give it a try.

    Urban Organic New York food delivery was started by the owners, Mitch and Melissa Holmes-Beara in 1992. While many retail outlets advertise themselves as organic, not all are always 100%. But Urban Organic always has been. On Monday, October 21, 2002, the FDA officially took over supervision of the Organic labeling. Albert Demange, General Manger since 1994, said that he welcomes the change. Albert is encouraged that it will lead to more uniformity and more organic produce. He said that although the FDA will require only 70% of the food to be organic inorder to wear the label, Urban Organic will continue to supply all organic.

    Urban Organic gets most of its food from local organic growers. There is no retail store, all of the sales are home delivery. Different accounts can receive weekly boxes that cost: $21.49, $31.49, or $41.49. They are a mixture of whatever is freshest and most abundant in each time of the year. Catch them at a local Manhattan Street Fair, and you might be able to arrange the first months delivery free. Home Delivery areas include New York Metropolitan Areas, including: all five boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn; and Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester, and Putnam counties. And in New Jersey, including: Passaic, Hudson, Union, Essex and Middlesex