Restaurant Etiquette

21 March 2005 Last Updated ; Written: August 1989

i wrote this over 15 years ago when i was the editor of the local New York City Overeaters Anonymous Newsletter, "The Metro Memo". It was supposed to make fun of people who go out to eat and are very unreasonable. it was supposed to be a satire. People in Overeaters Anonymous would very often make fun of the way they used to behave.

anyway, since then, i have put it on rawtimes and everyonce in a while someone comments. those are the most ridiculous of all. it is usually some restaurant worker who is really pissed at the customers, and then just yells at me for advising the customers to do the same. there seems to be something about working at a restaurant that can be irritating. i used to f feel bad about the misunderstanding. but i have changed my mind. the restaurant workers are making their living selling cooked food.

Guidelines for Eating Out

If you follow these simples rules every day, you will be ready to read next month's sequel article called, "Learning to Cook at Home."

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