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May 10, 2003 - While I tout raw food as panacea for personal and societal ills, I can become misdirected from the bigger picture. So let me put things in perspective.

We have lost synchronicity as people and as a culture. What we want, and what is good for us, can be the same things. They should be, but instead have become separate. What we have to do; we call work. What we want to do; we call a reward. We are resigned to this compromise as an unavoidable way of life. People have given up the goal to synchronize their actions with their dreams and responsibilities. Cheese cake tastes good, but it's bad for you; while the food that's reputedly good for you, seems bland and unexciting. We are not synchronized with our diet.

We are not synchronized in so many areas of our life. We may not enjoy our job. We like the idea of camping in the wilderness, but need the comforts of city life. We relate to other people for what they can do for us, instead of what we can do for them. We take drugs to relieve our symptoms. We throw out garbage wrapped in plastic coffins. We are overwhelmed with the contradictions and stresses that arise from being disconnected. This is the real disease. We may call it addiction, or cancer, or war; but they are all manifestations resulting from a loss of synchronicity.

I have felt good lately. I was walking down the street listening to a cd that I produced from a soundboard copy of a Jerry Garcia concert from November 23, 1977. Even small flaws did not prevent me from marveling at the beautiful clean magical notes. I was feeling healthy and energetic as I walked to buy some fruit at the local organic market. I swelled with gratitude for the cool air, the compelling music, my clear head, and I don't know what else. I almost felt like there was no good reason to be so happy, even a little guilty for feeling so good without a reasonable explanation. I am posting this concert on the Grateful Dead newsgroup tonight, as I promised on the alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed schedule update. I am so grateful for the hundreds of shows that I leeched over the past two years, that I feel really happy to be able to post something myself. I posted my first show two weeks ago, still having a few more tapes that I can work on for later. The newsgroup has many contributors on it. They don't want money, they just want to share. They want to give gifts to other people because it makes them feel good, just like it makes me feel good. Sometimes I feel so good and so grateful, that I just have to help someone else, as it has been given to me. That is a form of synchronicity. Some people may feel that other people will post more if they do. That is good. That is being connected.

While eating raw foods will not necessarily synchronize you, eating cooked foods will tend to polarize you. The disease is polarization. The cure is synchronization. And that is where many of the visible raw food celebrities fail to be effective. They don't speak to the issue of synchronization, they speak to diet. The help people need, is not to be told what to eat, but to be showed how to find what you want to eat.  No one can know what the best food is for someone else. The food pyramid is a tower of babel.

Becoming synchronized is a formidable challenge. Because eating cooked food is not the only obstacle, its removal will not assure you of healing. But it is the easiest and most effective first step in correcting polarization. It is essential to make progress in all areas of life. While we may use our instincts to help us know what to eat, we may use our intuition also to help us decide our actions. In time, we gradually become more and more aligned. We can feel it. It feels good, very good. As we heal, we become more and more in touch with our instincts and intuition. In the beginning, we can be unsure what we are feeling and hearing. In time, we become clear. Intuition becomes stronger, louder and more reliable as we exercise it.

     I need a miracle everyday