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September 23 , 2003 -


As long as memory serves, I never trusted people
Maybe it was dear old dad, or maybe its instinctive
Maybe its innate wisdom, or maybe its psychotic paranoia.
[Vignette from early days at sunday school]:
Refusing to give a contribution to charity -
Even though mom had given complete instructions and legal instruments
necessary to effect a full 25 cent transfer to this notable cause,
The adults felt a trip to the principal was necessary.
The rabbi wanted a reason for what he must have
thought was just curious anal retentive behavior.
instead, he received a full frontal verbal assault;
"You aren't going to give it to charity,
you are going to keep it!"
- and he did

1:00pm - tv shows gw at the un
saying this and that about here and there
blah blah blah
whenever he speaks to the American people,
it appears that he intends to completely enslave the citizens
but whenever he speaks to the world
he speaks for and with the support of those same citizens
- very scary -
not as bad as running out of money and being
hungry and homeless and wandering the
streets and getting hit by a truck
and being in intensive care in a
really good hospital with
a sadistic nurse
with only one
but pretty bad just the same.

cnn reports privatization within the Iraqi sectors
This means, in english, that they will be paying more
More for electricity and medicine
As it is now, cnn reports:
it is very cheap for people to get medical care.
but before gw is through helping iraq,
it will be unaffordable
which really, is the way it should be

a human being is born
he exists, he is, he occupies space
and that's the problem
he is in the way
the spot he is in, has already been reserved
that spot is either public land or privately owned
in any case, its not his, and he has no right to be there
unfortunately for everyone, there is no where else to go
every spot is already accounted for; with a full set of rules:
a landlord collecting rent - its only fair, the landlord was first
therefore, everyone is born into slavery
there is a rich class that everyone works for
the rich siphon from the fruits of everyone's labor
by charging for land, power, sun, water,
by outlawing medicine and privacy.
laws that do not protect people
from fairness and competition
are queerly supported by the
very slaves they feed off.
chief seattle was wrong
(a better link is here)
now many people are born who own:
the land, the sky, the wind, the rivers, the sun
so that now everyone else must do their bidding
(even the moon is totally allocated, but if you hurry, there's still lotsa room on jupiter )

the function of the government is to make the rich richer
the function of the people is to not let that happen
but the people are really not doing their job
germans don't remember helping Hitler
they say that they were victims too
for a country of spineless victims,
yes, they were pretty effective
same can be said for Americans

the Hollywood comedians have been getting more and more political
bill maher, dennis miller, al franken, robin williams (whatever), jay leno, and of course arnold
this is because what is going on is really absurd
not just that bush can be so bold and arrogant
but that he is getting away with it
there is no pretense at all now
what gall
and the people are going for it

who are they?
are they listening to everyones fone calls?
are all financial and medical records cross referenced for the coalition to use at their discretion?
Or is it that these perceptions are prematurely generated?
In any case, there seems to be little security
and increasing evidence that we are unable to keep even our most basic and personal secrets
Like privacy is now "un-American"

Oh yeah...
I am not going for it

here is a quote from page 157 of al franken's book:
lies and the lying liars that tell them:

"Instead of using this unique moment of national unity
[in the immediate aftermath of 9/11] to usher in a new American century
founded upon a reasonable measure of shared sacrifice,
Bush and Rove decided to ask nothing of average Americans
other than that they silently acquiesce
to their eventual enslavement
by a corporate hegemon."



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