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May 26, 2004 - goodbye and thanks for all the fish

the cure for cancer

i got a cold a few days ago.
a glorious cold
it started with a very tired feeling
i felt feverish.
night came, i felt my fever go up as i became exhausted
the next day my nose started running with phlegm
it was light and plentiful
i was exhausted, with fever, and a runny nose
the next day i started coughing
i was too tired to do much but lie down
i was feverish and sweating
my nose was running so much i was going through a whole tissue box each day
and i was coughing more frequently
it seems like at the feverish pitch, i was coughing every 15 minutes
i learned how to cough
you breath out really fast a few times before the last violent coughs
always making sure not to make myself so sore that it would be uncomfortable
it was never uncomfortable
at least not more uncomfortable than i was encouraged by the process
after the third day of coughing
i started to get black stuff at the end of each one
no green, no yellow, just small black globs
the disgust at the ejaculate,
was nothing compared to the relief that i was getting rid of it
i continued to cough black stuff for 3 or 4 days
and it looks like it is almost finished now
as it is taking many hours between each cough
and as the mucous is drying up, i am noticing a slight yellow in the phlegm
this was the best cold i ever had

you see, i smoked this year
and thank "god" i stopped
well, thank god i smoked
it was part of my process
you see, 14 years ago i stopped doing "drugs"
i was out of money, out of resources, and threw myself on the unmercy of my family
they put me in a rehab for the last time
i was scared drugless
so when i got money, there was unfinished business
and i did get through it more thoroughly this time
but my body was overwhelmed with the smoke
you see, we are well equipped to 'breath in' smoke
the cilia that lines our bronchial tubes all the way down into the air sacs:
they would have a full time job enough bringing up all the dirt that comes from smoke
that is, if the smoke wasn't even more of a formidable foe
you see, the smoke paralyzes the cilia,
so that it can't even work at the rate it wants
the lungs get more and more dirty
that is why i got a cold
the cold is my way of getting rid of the dirt that has accumulated
the first thing i do is to replace the lining cells of the air sacs with new clean cells
to break down the old cells, i use enzymes, leached by white blood cells, from all over the body
that is why i was so tired, because my life energy was being reserved for this imminent procedure
then i got a fever
the rate of enzyme metabolism goes up at higher temperatures
that is why the fever was so helpful
now that my innate god has concentrated my enzyme resources to break down cells in the lungs
the fever has sped up the process

in times of leisure, maybe the broken down cells can be eliminated
through common blood channels in the kidney, skin, and colon
but this cold procedure is a major effort:
the dead cell components are absorbed within mucous
then the mucous is eliminated through the mouth and nose, as i cough it up
i was careful to cough as gently as possible, so as not to make myself sore
so that i could continue comfortably as long as possible
i blew my nose frequently, but not hard enough to injure my eustachian tubes
i laid in the sun, i took hot baths, i rested, i acquiesced
i made all my choices to give my healing top priority and success
and i am so proud of my success, i just have to brag

you see...
in the old days...
i would have started by taking aspirin to lower the fever
that would have interfered with the first process of breaking down the stained epithelial cells
assuming, i didn't drink coffee for the initial tired feeling which would have interfered even earlier
then i would have taken antihistamines to dry up the mucous
that would have interfered with the process of getting the saturated mucous up into the esophagus
assuming, that i had stopped smoking which would have continued to keep the cilia paralyzed
then when the mucous thickened
the body would be left holding the mucous down with no good way to get it up completely
and the mucous would start turning yellow, then green, then dark green
i would know this by the incomplete candidates i would be able to cough up
then i would have taken antibiotics to kill the germs that was causing my 'disease'
this dark mucous would be the last effort from the cold procedure to break down and eliminate this stubborn garbage
and i would have prevented even the last desperate violent attempt of my body to heal
how sad i was
i just didn't know
no one told me
its not my fault
do you know whose fault it is
its your fault

my father died of lung cancer two years ago
he smoked cigarettes
but he died 35 or 40 years after he stopped
he never had a chance to eliminate the dirt from his lungs
in all that time
he never permitted a proper cold
he never stayed home for a week or two cause he was sick
he took aspirins, and antihistamines, and antibiotics
he circumvented his life healing and saving procedures
and he died for that
too bad
he should have listened to me
i know how to be sick
he only knew how to die

i really do know how to be sick
i had started fasting 1 day before even the first symptom
the fasting did not bring on the cold
my rational and instinctive minds were one
they both instigated the procedure at the same time
i am synchronizing
i saved my life
otherwise i would have gotten 'cancer'

for starters i don't mean the cancer that kills you
i mean the cancer that saves you
you see...
if i can't get the garbage up, i still have to move it
cause its in the way, and i have to breath
so after the body would have resigned itself to the ineffectiveness of the cold
it would have taken all the garbage and moved it all together in one spot
then it would have created a barrier around it to contain it
and then have waited till better times to be able to have a cold
but after forty years of waiting
my father died because he just couldn't negotiate with it any longer
he refused to let himself heal
For forty years, this cancer technique sustained him
cancer is a life saving technique
there is no cure for cancer
cancer is the cure
there is no cure for the common cold
the common cold is the cure
too bad he didn't know that

whose fault is that
its yours
yes, its his too
but not mine
i am telling you now

it is your fault because you have prevented me from telling you
its not enough that i write an article that no one will read
there would have to be a major effort
where people can network information about the best way to encourage colds
but there is no way to network...
its illegal
yes it is and its your fault and you will die for that mistake

married couples average more than three children
if you bought a car this year, chances are it was an suv
more than 95% of voting "americans" will choose death and slavery by kissing bush or kerry
as a country, we are so selfish and bullying
that we do not permit even basic freedoms within the privacy of our own homes
if jesus said he didn't like the color blue
and some self appointed, but nevertheless supported, spokesman of god;
was able to get laws enacted to ban the color blue
you would not be safe even in your bedroom to have a blue picture
because even though you are assured freedoms and privacy in your home, by the declaration of independence
you assholes have let this freedom slip through your fingers
now the government has procured the right to storm into your home
with guns and total intimidation, to search for blue

and it is the same with health
it is illegal for me to tell you that the cold is the cure for cancer
the only reason they don't arrest me ...
well, there more than one reason
one reason is that everything we all do is illegal, and they couldn't possible arrest everyone everyday
they only arrest the people they want to
it really doesn't matter if you want to obey the laws
it is impossible

it used to be that is was illegal to kill
it was illegal to kidnap and extort
it was illegal to steal horses and destroy neighbors livelihood
these criminals had to be removed from society
but now
it is a crime to drive 60 miles an hours
when the average speed on the same road is over 65

you deserve what you get
a pathetic, painful, shamed, pointless life and death
the declaration of independence turned out to be a sham after all
they only promised freedom and free enterprise, and government protection from bullies
when i applied for an ss#, they promised confidentiality:
it would never be used for identification
now the government is the bully
not only do you not assert your rights
but you have become less benevolent than a rabid dog

it is illegal for me to tell you that a cold cures cancer
because the ama owns cancer.
they have a protected government monopoly
competition is illegal
imagine that
not only discouraged but illegal
the only reason i am not arrested is because i am not a threat
no one hears me, no one listens to me, no one believes me
that is why i am writing this tidbit now

if i thought you believed me, i wouldn't tell you
i don't want to help you
i want to punish you for invading my home and stealing my options,
making it harder for me to heal
i want to see you suffer and grow ugly for bullying me
you can read this now and dismiss me
but years later
when you are dying
in a hospital
undergoing the final humiliating medical procedures that will torture you
by delaying your death long enough
to experience every painful device they can invent...

and while you are fading
a thought may cross your mind...
something like:
can't there be a better way? aren't there any other choices? what did i do wrong?
just remember and know
it is i who will be laughing at you



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