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September 10, 2004 -


I always got headaches, but I donít remember diarrhea until around fifth grade. By high school, it was a regular problem. It would come around tests, and then come in waves. I would have to go to the bathroom every half hour, or every ten minutes or just sit on the toilet for hours. The cramps could be excruciating. My extremities would become numb, and it seems like it would last forever. My pediatrician gave me paregoric. I regularly refilled this tincture of opium, and then later while under the care of psychiatrists, internists and proctologists. I was diagnosed by a slew of doctors with every variation from colitis to Crohnís disease. I tried all the drugs around from lomotil, belladonna, sulfa drugs, and donnatol; to a variety of painkillers. I believed, as I was told, it was chronic and that I would eventually die from it.

I had a friend with ileitis, which was much worse. We thought he would die before I would.
I consider myself an expert on the subject, because of all I read, felt, ,saw and experienced.

Of course, I am not so grandiose as to claim to have the answers for everyone, but I believe that my solution is very similar to most people who suffer from this problem.

There is one reason why I have diarrhea. My body wants to void the colon and as much of the gastro-intestinal tract as possible. My body decides that a top priority is to clean out as much as possible as soon as possible. In order to do that, a series of spasms builds for as long as necessary. Sometimes, it was necessary to keep it up for days and weeks at a time. It seemed like years. The reasons that I would instigate this protocol could be real or imagined: imagined ones, like stress; and real ones, like poisonous intake. The stress is not all that imagined. For example, if I had a test the next day, it might be a good idea to make sure that I wouldnít have to go to the bathroom the next day. It could be as simple as a way to schedule bowel movements. Poisonous intake could be anything from potato chips fried in cottonseed oil, to a prolonged diet of putrid animals that would create such a flora and fauna environment that my body decides must be thrown out.

Diarrhea, or irritable colon, is not the disease. Diarrhea can be the best solution for problems like compromising and inconvenient appointments, as well as a bad diet. The real problem is when this tool is used too often. Every day is too often. Relentless, unceasing, continual abuse; nonstop irritations can lead to hemorrhoids, ulcers, degenerations, and aggravated deficiencies.

When doctors give drugs to inhibit peristalsis, the situation is compounded. The flora and fauna become more putrid, and the poisons have better absorbtion. Painkillers enable this situation to continue further.

For most people, chronic diarrhea can stop immediately. All you have to do is stop eating. That completely removes the need for evacuation. Howevever, more people will try anti-spasmodics, antibiotics, narcotics and even surgery. You canít fast forever, but you can fast long enough for the irritation and pain to subside. It should be easier to stop eating offending foods, but it is also possible to change your lifestyle so that you do not live in panic. Living in panic creates a false reality to the body that may make it seem necessary to initiate cleansing.

I no longer think I will die from this make believe disease. I understand this phenomenon for what it is. I am not perfect... I still eat poison, just not nonstop everyday. It is never as bad as it was. I go for years at a time without any of this pain. And I donít need a psychiatrist to show me how not to be consumed with panic. I find that the best cure for anticipatory anxiety is to get up and do something.



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