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millionth web surfer arrived at 8:55 pm wednesday August 17, 2005

August 19 , 2005 -

Contest Over

Amber Rae Trigg is the First Place Winner
after signing the guestbook at 9:23 pm

Sharon Traylor is the Second Place Winner

Chloe Everhart, Kim Moehlenpah, and Michelle Hillis
will also receive juicers


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the first web site for raw fooders (since 1995)

Millionth Web Surfer Contest Prizes:

First Prize

August 17 , 2005 -

First Prize

web visitor


sign the guestbook

within a day
after the web counter displays
then you are the winner

How to Win:

just mention "contest" in the comments when you sign the guestbook to enter the contest and claim your prize

Citrus Juicer

(winners must respond to confirmation email within a day-
preference given to actual millionth surfer)

  • Last one
  • Very sturdy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Won't rust.
  • metal construction
  • 25" high
  • 10.5 pounds
  • New in Box

current web counter is

contest just started - good luck

This is the citrus press juicer I have been using for over 12 years; only your's is new in the box. Perfect for juicing limes, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits and lemons. Hold onto the handle on the left side, and apply weight with your right hand as you pull down the lever.

Second Prize

Second Prize

manual depression era
glass juicer reamer
web visitor

good luck
current web counter is


small print: <---read if you want this juicer for free.

  1. if the millionth web surfer signs the guestbook within a day of bumping the counter to a million, then that surfer can be the winner. otherwise, at the end of the day, the one closest to the million after the million, or then the one closest before the million, that signs the guestbook, can be the winner. if no one signs the guestbook to claim the prize before it ends; within 24 hours; then no one wins, and i will find some other way to give it away, as a gift to the anonymous millionth web surfer. the contest winner will be announced the following day. (guestbook and contest winner email address are private, they appear coded in the guestbook.)

  2. the way the counter works - every web surfer is identified in the logs by their ip addresses. when a new web surfer views a rawtimes web page: the counter is increased by one. a web surfer can only increase the counter once each day. even if a hundred pages are viewed and refreshed, only the first time in the day will it be counted by web counter.

  3. say something about the contest when you sign the guestbook. (that is one way to show that you are not a spammer.) spammers are banned from the contest. if you try to sign the guestbook and the junk filter thinks you are a spammer, email me at jrellis3 @ rawtimes.com and i will make sure that you can still claim your prize. (even spammer attempts are recorded in the logs.)

  4. you must respond to the confirmation email within 24 hours, so that the winner can be announced the following day

  5. if the above counter is over a million, sign the guestbook now, otherwise, wait