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  1. Caviar -
    9 weeks of rhythmic fasting designed to permit you to choose to lose weight, stop addictions, and become a raw fooder


  2. Epiphany -
    21 days of pure and simple raw plant food inorder to learn and feel real health


  3. Addiction Recovery -
    7 days to freedom . the only way i know of to stop at home without running out.












7 Days to freedom

i am fifty years old

i was a drug addict for 16 years, ages 16 to 32
i shot heroin from ages of 26-32
(i have to check, it might have been as much as 34 years old)
i started as a graduate student in math at the university of utah
and dropped out after completing most of the requirements
(eventually i got the degree, but thats another story)
went back to new york city
and shot heroin every day there too

i went to narcotics anonymous and then overeaters anonymous for around 7 years
i was clean until a couple of years ago when my friend died
i found him and cleaned out the place before the police got there
i had a small vial of pot and smoked it for a few days
and that was it
i was smoking pot again
which doesn't have to be bad
but for me it was
i was now a morbidly obese drug addict

i never did shoot heroin again
but i did snort it once when i went to thailand
i threw out the rest of what i got the first day on the first day
but pot was another story

i tried to stop smoking pot and was successful many times
for most of my life there was only one way to stop
run out
you can run out by a few ways
run out of money, run out of supply, rehab, jail, marriage, move to a place you don't know anyone, or travel
but as far as just stopping on a day that i planned - just never worked
but now i can stop
i have done it a few times
maybe it doesn't address bigger issues
but i don't have to goto a rehab, i don't have to goto jail, i don't have to drive cross country, i don't have to go bankrupt, i don't have to move. i have a way to stop smoking that works for me
i have done it a few times and it works for me

it is called the 7 day recovery diet
it may precede the 21 day epiphany diet
the caviar diet ends with epiphany and starts with recovery near the beginning
i will post the current version of the caviar diet next so that you can see what i am referring to

anyway, without any further ado....
the 7 day recovery diet is this:

1         juice    
2         water
3         water
4         water
5         magic
6         water
7         break fast with juice at dusk

you stop smoking on the magic day
it really works
i have done it a few times

i showed this to a friend
he said that it was harder to stop eating than stop smoking
but what does he know
he hasn't done either
yes its hard to stop eating
so if you find an easier way...
dry it out and put it in a pill for me

let me say something more about the recovery diet
the reason why it is so hard to stop smoking pot is because i can become addicted.
that means that my body has been conditioned to act as if it needs it.
it appears to have the same priority as food, water, air, elimination needs, etc.
it seems to rate it higher than love.
you can no more stop smoking than you can stop breathing.
its just not as obvious because you don't have to smoke every second,
but as far as the body is concerned, you need it.
you may rationalize, and plan, and take whatever action you want,
but you do not have the final say so.
so you rationalize some absurd excuse,
and you know its absurd;
because you just need a story to do what you have no choice in avoiding.
until now.

on the magic day
your body sees that it is not necessary
and you can stop
you may not
but you can
you don't have to worry about what will happen
you don't have to panic
nothing bad will happen if you stop that day
its your choice
for real

you don't have to goto jail or rehab or even do the 12 steps
of course, i will smoke again, but hopefully not days in a row that will addict me
i have to work on cleaning up my baggage and making amends
but as far as stopping, i can do it in a week
now, its not easy, but it can be done, now for the first time
in the future, i won't even get high unless i know that i can afford a recovery week to detox
even if i smoke two days, it will take a week to recover
it takes that long for the body to cut and trim all the fat
to jettison any excess, to impose austerity
and at that time
your body knows that it doesn't need pot
until then, it acts as if it does

i hope you can see this as a gift and [pardon, tolerate] my rudeness and delusional lapses


ps - i love this joke, and i told it before
i saw it on the jerry springer show
there was this 550-600 pound morbidly obese man who was leaving his young pretty girlfriend for another fat girl
the young pretty girlfriend was very unhappy because she loved him
jerry said to her, "why do you want to be with him if he doesn't want to be with you. " and she said,
"well jerry, when i met him he was only 400 pounds, but since then, he's really let himself go"



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