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    Happy New Year 2006

Stop Addictions, Lose Weight, Learn what your body wants and needs and how to get it.

    presenting... The Rawtimes
    Caviar Diet


Diets: -


  1. Caviar -
    11 weeks of rhythmic fasting designed to permit you to choose to lose weight, stop addictions, and become a raw fooder


  2. Epiphany -
    21 days of pure and simple raw plant food inorder to learn and feel real health


  3. Addiction Recovery -
    7 days to freedom . the only way i know of to stop at home without running out.



11 Weeks to a healing raw life

This is just a first presentation draft.

i did this diet last year and am amazed now that i am reading it now.

it is so radical

on the other hand i needed something radical

it builds on rhythms and cycles to gain momentum

it worked for me

before and after picture to accompany the professional looking presentation

consider this a preview of coming attractions

this is the rawtimes diet

it ends with the epiphany diet, and starts with addiction recovery

i needed a diet to lose weight, stop smoking, and be able to eat raw

good luck


please do not start this diet without discussing it
there is lots to this that i haven't been able to document yet
there are lots of daily advice, cheats, and variations that you can use to customize it
and it takes some expanding on each topic
there may be parts where I am not communicating
I am sure to refine it or even drastically change it
Should anyone try it
Fail or success
Life or death
At end of the daily guide, I will explain the day names:


1       juice
2       juice

week 1 first mini fast

3       juice
4       water
5       water
6       water
7       raw
8       raw
9       raw

week 2 - first magic fast

10      juice
11      water
12      water
13      water
14      *magic*
15      water
16      water

week 3 - second mini fast

17      raw
18      raw
19      raw
20      juice
21      water
22      water
23      water

week 4 caviar week

24      caviar
25      caviar
26      caviar
27      raw
28      raw
29      raw
30      raw

Week 5 third mini fast

31      juice
32      water
33      water
34      water
35      raw
36      raw
37      raw

Week 6 second magic fast

38      juice
39      water
40      water
41      water
42      *magic*
43      water
44      water

Week 7 fourth mini fast

45      raw
46      raw
47      raw
48      juice
49      water
50      water
51      water

Week 8 first rawtimes week

52      rawtimes
53      rawtimes
54      rawtimes
55      juice
56      rawtimes
57      rawtimes
58      rawtimes

Week 9 second rawtimes week

59      rawtimes
60      rawtimes
61      rawtimes
62      juice
63      rawtimes
64      rawtimes
65      rawtimes

Week 10 third rawtimes week

66      rawtimes
67      rawtimes
68      rawtimes
69      juice
70      rawtimes
71      rawtimes
72      rawtimes

Week 11 vacation week

73      rawtimes
74      rawtimes
75      rawtimes
76      caviar
77      rawtimes
78      rawtimes
79      rawtimes

80      graduation

Glossary :

Use a centrifugal juicer, a press, a manual juicer, or buy it. Fresh squeezed, like, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, apple, pear, carrot whatever. It is best to make it yourself, but if you have a local store that makes fresh juice, that's fine. Have as much as you like. Try to keep combinations to a minimum. You can mix apple and pear, you can mix carrot, ginger and beet. No powders, no supplements, just raw and fresh. Nothing pasteurized. Even fresh pressed unheated commercial apple juice is usually flashed. Avoid absolutely.
Sometimes I add lemon juice to apple juice or orange juice. Sometimes I stir with a stick of cinnamon. slightly bubbly cider is okay, but only on days before the last month.
and if you have had a drink of alcohol within a month of starting the diet, it is completely off limits for mostly everyday. wait till i write more on this.

I get mountain valley water delivered [from Arkansas]. I pump it into an alkalizer that polarizes the water into acidic waste and drinkable alkalized water. I will sell the alkalizers in the rawtimes [drop ship] store. There may be better situations for others. Maybe you have a clean running stream that has just come out of the ground. That would be better, but I live in ny city and this is the best I can do. Don't drink tap water, it is poisoned. Drink bottled or filtered water or real water. drink alot. don't force yourself, but you can expect to drink more than 2 quarts a day, and even a gallon is not unreasonable.

Raw vegan food. No cheese, no eggs, no animal parts at all. You are allowed limited cheats, like pepper on a salad. The salad can be a big bowl of an assortment of lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, ginger, onions, tomatoes, grated beets, avocado, olive oil, and even vinegar. You can toss it all together. Have fun. Don't worry too much about what is the perfect thing to have, don't plan to know what is best until the end of the diet. Just keep to the guidelines. Trace flavorings like pepper or tamari are ok on these days. (That may change with other peoples suggestions) You are allowed olives and sauerkraut on the raw days. Enjoy them while you can. Your tastes will not be fully functioning at this point, and it is not worth trying to force higher standards at this point. Wait till you can really appreciate it. but you can be a clean and mono as you like. commercial essene or manna bread is out. make it yourself if you want to. most commercial dehydrated foods are dehydrated at too high a temperature. try to dehydrate yourself at under a hundred degrees. flax is great for that. you can test unknow dehydrated products like sun dried tomatoes or raw cashew nuts by soaking them in water to see how they hydrate. if the cashew becomes pasty, you know it is not alive and would never grow into a tree. if the tomatoes become mushy, you know they were cooked. keep processed raw food to a minimum, but you don't have to worry about being perfect. questionable stuff like this is absolutely forbidden in the rawtimes month.

There are only four caviar days (24,25,25,76)
You do not have to eat caviar
These are simply unrestricted raw days
You do not have to have cheese or eat fish
You can  be a complete vegan on this diet if you want
But on the caviar days, you can eat anything raw
I recommend caviar on at least two of these days
This is a learning diet
And I want you to really understand what animal products do
I want you to understand the addictive nature
And I want you to understand what uses you may have for them
You will be an expert
The caviar can power nourish you between hard fasts, and help you to continue
the sicker you start out, the more you may need the power
at the end of the diet, you can do long fasts without such considerations

I will expand on animals food with prices and pictures and preparations.
Foods I have eaten on caviar days are:
Sturgeon Roe, Oysters, hamachi, tuna, flounder, fluke, masago, sea urchin, cheese;
As well as olives, diluted grapefruit juice, horseradish, lemon, onion, salads
You can goto a Japanese sashimi bar
You can catch or filet the fish yourself
You can avoid all of these foods and make it the same as a raw day

the last day of the caviar week would be sublime if you could limit yourself to melons
or even just watery fruits

There are two magic days(14 and 42)
The diet takes so long because that is the closest I have been able to get them together
(And also so long because its really all prep for the last month
Which is really all prep for the last week
Of course, the diet builds and prepares you for the next segment and day)
The magic days are really hard fast days
They are water days, but your fast will be a food fast and an addiction fast
I call it a magic day, because you will be able to stop acting out on this day
At the end of the first mini-fast, you will experience the feeling on the fourth day
You will know what to expect
And you can do it if you want
In fact
It is necessary in order to finish the last month of all raw
The primary addictions are the greatest obstacle to staying all raw

If you have relapsed by the second magic day
Then you must try again on the second magic day
If you relapse after the second magic day
Give up, you're done
I fail
If you have not relapsed by the second magic day
Then you must give up another addiction on that second magic day
Don't plan or worry about it till then
When it is time to give it up
This is how you will know what it is you are giving up:
Whatever you were still doing at the end of the last 6 day water fast
Is what you will give up on the second magic day
If you relapse on that second addiction before the end of the diet
It is an acceptable cheat
But try to keep it going till the end of the diet

Rawtimes food
this is a time to be serious about exercise to tone musles and get the blood moving, although you may exercise and many diet days before that too.
But let me remind you, that this is a course that will prepare you to eat when the diet is over. You may decide at the end of the diet to allow olives and sauerkraut, and complicated food combining recipes, and even wine. But the rawtimes days, are what the diet is all about. If you can switch to rawtimes days now, then you don't have to do the first 6 weeks. I need the first six weeks in order to do the rawtimes days.
The rawtimes days are basically mono days
You eat one raw vegan food at a time
You don't eat salads
You can make mixtures of 2 or three combinations
But you must make sure that everything tastes good individually
No sauces, no flavorings, no cheats
No olives, no fermented foods, no supplements, no vinegar
Not sure about virgin olive oil yet, 
You will experience the taste change if you are pure
And that is what this is all about

If you have gotten to this point, I want to meet you
Take a before picture if you intend to finish this diet
At graduation, you may decide to stay raw
In any case, you will know a clear feeling of health and happiness
That you will never forget.
You may never be raw again, but you will always know what you are missing
I might suggest some cooked food on graduation
Instead of gorging a few days later
I might suggest a bowl of soup
So that you can feel the head die
A bowl of soup is recoverable
You can go back to raw the next day
But if you have sweet and sour roasted pork spare ribs
You might as well go back to the doctor
In any case, if you graduate
You will love me
And I will love you

Vacation week
Go somewhere that you can be raw
Go to a resort
Go to a beach
Travel somewhere
Make plans before hand
Do not attempt to do this diet away from home before this week
You may find an opportunity to goto a friends ranch for the whole diet
And think that it will be optimal
It will not
Do not do that
Stay home where you can reasonably predict what you will need to do and
In order to accomplish minimal responsibilities.
There are too many surprises away from home
Don't take any chances you can avoid
Before the last month, you should keep socializing and working to a minimum
It takes three weeks of rawtimes diet to get it.
At the end of the previous three weeks,
Or at the start of the vacation week;
Will be pure majestic bliss.
The vacation week keeps this bliss for a while week.
Don't miss
This is gold
Iive this week like every moment is a glorious gift
You will be amazed
There is a caviar day in the middle of the week
Do not go overboard with animals foods like you may have in the first caviar week
It is very important to be rawtimes for the last three days
That is the test of a successful fast
And the reward
You don't have to have caviar in this last week
But it is available
Because you can still recover in the last three days
You will learn a lot more from the caviar day after the epiphany
Than you did during the caviar week

Sex and celibacy
I have saved this for last. For many of you, sex is an addiction. I will go into all of this stuff in detail later, but for now, this diet is mostly celibate. If you can't do it, that is the first addiction you will give up on the first 6 day fast. And it would be unfortunate, but an allowable cheat [to wait so long]. If you have trouble giving up sex, do it in the first mini fast. If you do not stop sex by the end of the first mini fast, you can still graduate if you give it up in the first magic week, but the chances are slim. Don't gamble with your life. This diet is very important and deserves enough respect in order to change your life for the best. Give it a chance. You can have sex during the vacation week, after the epiphany. You can have sex before the first mini fast, if you have trouble getting started. But if you have sex between the first mini fast week and the last vacation week, chances are you will fail. If you have sex after the fourth day of the first magic week and before the last vacation week, you failed. Give up. The why is a separate page, but its absolute.

psyllium ,
recommended for elimination problems. the biggest obstacle to a comfortable fast is putrifying wastes. the dirtier one is, the more it is a problem. people new to fasting would be advised to take psyllium seeds husks, or colonics, or enemas.



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