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Last Updated: 31 May, 2003

There are 5 winboxes networked through an unmanaged hp switch

  1. The Primary Domain Controller is a dell poweredge 1400 configured as a web and exchange server is running windows 2000 advanced server. It runs Vclip server and client, while the other computers need only run vclip client, so that data can be cut and pasted between monitors.

  2. One workstation is a windows 2000 advanced server Domain Controller configured as a web server with vclip client.

  3. Another computer runs Windows XP professional. It also runs Vclip client, part of the Virtual Clipboard package I am developing to virtualize a common clipboard server.
  4. An old computer runs windows millenium. The monochrome monitor will always display the text of the windows server clipboard, by running SpyClip2.1, another in house product. And with vclip client enabled, any clipboard pasting from any computer on the network will display the text on this monochrome monitor.


  5. the newest workstation runs windows xp professional in the next room

The LAN has a hewlitt packard J4097A switch, with room for 8 connections. five are for computers, one is for a new xerox tektronix 860 dp solid ink color laser printer, and one for the linksys router, which is connected to my cable internet connection. There is also an epson 2450 photo scanner, a kodak dc260 digital camera, and a canon d10 camera with 3 550ex flashes and extra lens, also a , mackie micro series 1202 mixer so that all the sound cards feed into the same satellite speakers with a sub woofer.


The chair is a Backsaver Recliner. The Microsoft keyboard rests on a pillow on my lap, which is Rose Electronics vista hotkey keyboard switchable between the computers. The intellimice are on a tray that slides over the side. The monitors are suspended from the ceiling so that I can look at it straight on. There is a shelf haging down from ceiling beams with chains, to support the monitors. A single Home Theatre Master learning remote control SL9000 is for the TV, stereo, CD player, and VCR, lights, fans, and airconditioner. The 2 line speaker phone has a UNEX hands free headset. A PIM I developed, Fone, dials the numbers and logs the calls. Two air conditioners and 2 high ceiling fans and 4 floor fans.

This is the development environment that I am using to produce Virtual Clipboard Server, an Internet enabled clipboard protocol client written in Visual Studio. Net. Testers are needed.


and yes, i was watching young Hercules on tv

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