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Last Updated: September 1, 2007

Status: Seeking Visual Studio.Net Programming and Web Scripting Contracts

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Seeking Visual Studio.Net Programming
and Web Scripting Contract




MS Applied Math, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1993
  • Thesis on square root construction, also Solid modeling and surface fitting. Computer Animation.

BS Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1976

  • Graduate work in Computer Aided Geometric Design, 1977 - 1979.



2004 to Present, Rawtimes Inc.; Cyberspace

  • working on rawtimes.com website including shopping carts. however now i am responsible for the vertical operation, including working with suppliers, customers, and banks

  • Converting Rawtimes web site from Win2K to .Net Server with VS.NET and ASP. Featured in August Web Magazine and Yahoo pick of the day in March97.

    Systems Engineering: coding scripts for network roll outs & addressing security issues

1997 to 2004, Brett Mills Inc.; New York City

  • VClip, a C#.NET app by adding all clipboard formats and installation procedures.

  • Converting Rawtimes web site from Win2K to .Net Server with VS.NET and ASP. Featured in August Web Magazine and Yahoo pick of the day in March97.

    Systems Engineering: coding scripts for network roll outs & addressing security issues

1997, GEC; New Jersey

  • Developer Studio 97 VC++ 5.0 Communications and Networking with TCP/IP and Winsock programming for military radar NT applications.
    Recommendation available on request.

1995 to 1996, Brett Mills Inc.; New York City

  • Virtual Clipboard Server and Client, VClip is a VC++5 MFC CSocket program to virtualize a server clipboard across win nt/95 tcp/ip networks. Copy and Paste across LAN or internet with only one keystroke.

  • Personal Information Manager for appointments, notes, envelopes and phone numbers, letter file cabinet. Written in Visual Basic for Applications, Access95, NT Backoffice SQL server; uses Fone95. Internet e-mail and OLE Word95 documents.
    Fone95 is a Windows NT/95 program to dial telephone numbers. It is written in Visual C++ 2.2 and callable from programs or as a standalone.

  • National Institute of Heath Internet server - Web, Image Maps, Perl CGI Scripts to process forms, java animation. ActiveX beta

  • Beta Tester for Windows95 and NT4 server and workstation

1994 Geico Insurance Company; Fredricksburg, Virginia

  • Senior Technical Consultant - Wrote a Visual C++ Microsoft Foundation Class Dynamic Link Library with the Control Development Kit. Used a variety of parameter passing structures of variable length strings with dynamic allocations. The DLL was the engine used by the Visual Basic user interface. The DLL called Rumba routines to extract the database information off of the IBM mainframes.

1994 SpyClipboard; New York City

  • SpyClip 2.1 - Windows 3.1 Clipboard utility developed in Visual C++ with MFC 2.5. Superclasses the clipboard, and copies the text contents of the clipboard to a second monitor whenever the clipboard is updated. Virtual window scrolls horizontally and vertically, with optional word wrap. Uses kernel selectors. Works fine with Windows95.

1993 Softweaver; Middletown, California

  • Created graphic art and custom software for presentation animation using 3-d splines and fractals. Wrote the spline equations in C++. Used GL library routines.

1991- 1993 Sunrise Computer Consulting; Manhattan Beach, CA

  • C programming and Windows applications for small business and professionals.
  • Authored Pagepop, a well-behaved assembler TSR that copied the VGA text screen onto a second monochrome monitor. Also Truvision Targa developer.

1990 - 1991 Boskoff, Zaccono and Wilson; New York City

  • Applications for accounting firm and their clients. Normal office business needs like database, spreadsheets, word processors, installations, training, troubleshooting, and support. Tax stuff.

1990 Merck Pharmaceuticals; Lansdale, Pennsylvania

  • Conversion to Windows from Borland. Users had their folders on the minicomputer file server using DOS based programs. It was networked with software whose user interface they wanted to maintain. Originally written in Borland C, a small group of consultants converted it to Windows using MSC6.0. Communication between a DOS window and a Windows windows required a TSR, which was written in assembler. Then the project started to expand, and I learned the DDK to make alterations to the keyboard device driver.

1989 Magna, Inc. and Doros Animation, Inc., New York City

  • Supported Cubicom animation: C programming for art, pictures, scripts and graphic file format conversions. 3-d modeling and textures.

1988 Music Pen, New York City

  • Wrote specifications, programmed and documented the GUI music user interface for Windows Midi application. Extensive dialog box designing.

1988 RMJ Securities, Wall Street, New York City

  • Windows SDK version 1. One of a six member team working on a project which was a large effort to accommodate traders and stock brokers in the securities industry, and then to market the program. I designed the presentation of data using GUI colors and shapes. One of the presentations involved displaying the projection spreads of T-bonds and T-bills. They were computed from data received continuously over the wire, from a file server configured with Novell netware. The data base in use was B-trieve.


1985 - 1987 Elana Lingerie; Brooklyn, New York

  • Computerized the manufacturer. The package was written entirely in MSC 3.0 and included original coding for databases, virtual memory, Bios screen editing and report generators. The modularized programs grew to thousands of lines. Maintenance is still occasionally required. In 1992, a translater for Ansi EDI trading capabilities was first coded in MSC++ 7.0

1982 General Motors; Warren, Michigan

  • Computer Aided Design research software for solid modeling on IBM mainframe with blended Bezier wireframe curves, Demonstrated the advantages and capabilities of the computer to enable designers and engineers to model car parts.

1980 - 1981 Atlanta Journal / Constitution Newspapers; Georgia

  • Junior programmer for IBM mainframe, all newspaper applications; data bases, operating systems, and type setting. Assorted languages.

1979 Emory University Hospital; Atlanta, Georgia

  • Produced Least Squares Analysis for Nuclear Medicine diagnostic graphical applications in Fortran on DG Modumed.

1978 - 1979 Emory University Math Department; Atlanta, Georgia

  • Supervised computer lab. Tech support on operating systems and languages.

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