From John Stubbs
Posted: Mon, 21 Jul 1997
Last Updated: 07 Aug 97

First, the tomato/sprouted peanut thing. I used to love those spicy african tomato peanut sauces. So I thought I'd invent a raw version. I think of it as a gazpacho (cold soup).
I start with a fistful of raw peanuts sprout 'em for a couple days (til the root shows). I've been told to watch for bright yellow mold (not good), but I've never seen it yet. Take off the skins (I just pinch the skins off with a paper towel). Then I blend with a tomato, a little fresh ginger, a LITTLE garlic, and some Bragg's. You should probably add cayenne and/or cilantro too, I dunno.

I could recommend an weird/wonderful rawfood book called "Love your body: live food recipes" by Viktoras Kulvinskas. BUT, since you are a procrastinater and thus might not be inclined to buy a book right away. I will try to type the raw tofu recipe. It's a little tricky.

Okay, this part is easy. You get some nice looking organic soybeans (disgard the runts). Soak 'em 12 hours and follow the usual sprouting routine.

I tried the recipe with just soaked soybeans but it wasn't as good or as easily digestable.

This is the weird part. Have you ever heard of rejuvelac? (rejuvaHooo?) Take a cup of org. wheat berries, rinse 'em. Then soak 'em in 2 cups good water for 24 hours. Pour this soaking water into another container, loosely cover and let sit another 24 hours. The resulting liquid has been called rejuvelac® (just kidding about the ®). It is a fermented drink which has an acceptable lemonish grainy taste. Mmmm rich with friendly bacterial goodness! You can keep it in the frij for a few days. (you can continue to sprout those wheat berries).

Take your soybean sprouts and put them in a blender with just enough rejuvelac to keep your blender going nice-n-fast. Now pour this smooth creamy mush into a bowl, cover it with cloth and put it in a cozy place. About 8 hours later its fermented and ready to be tofu. You have to squeeze it through cheese cloth to get rid of the excess liquid. Now spice it up with stuff. (I used shredded onion, garlic, ginger & you guessed it, Bragg's). Mine has a consistancy more like hummus. Be sure to take your time and chew each bite as if it were your last (ok, that IS a little extreme).

ffwheeew. I know, what a pain in the ass. Hey, but its raw, gosh darn it. I have nothing better to do than sit around rinsing seeds and stuff. Keeps my mind off Nacho Cheese Doritoes®. Ha Ha. ...uh ....Hmmmm.

By the way, I'm not a doctor (but I play one on TV). So I hope this fermented tofu stuff doesn't send you into hypoglycemic hell. Good luck. If you are crazy enough to try this, please tell me how it turns out.

Peacefully yours,


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