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8 feb, 2012

All the raw fooders I ever met had a story: a close call with death, a dramatic experience and a good reason for abandoning the common social network. For Steve Jobs, it was pancreatic cancer. He looked but he did not find; such a giant in the civilized word of economics, but clueless to save himself. Most people start out on a path of recovery with a hope of awareness that they can break free of the poisons that putrefy everyone around them. My story is buoyed, not by my own successes, but by the deaths of the people around me. I survived the drug wars. My friends weren’t so lucky. I survived medical submissions. My family wasn’t so lucky. I have healed of symptoms that have crippled my neighbors. My north star has been honesty.

A healthy happy healing human is synchronized. What he wants is what he does. The actions that he takes are good for him, his family and his neighbors. The life force flows unimpeded from his feet thru his crown. Sincerity is the ideal. But compromises have always been necessary for survival. Sacrifices, delays, and temporary abuses are often unavoidable. All I can do is choose the best options as they present themselves. My arsenal of tools is wisdom and truth.

Bloc therapy is the term I have coined to encompass the guidelines that I have tested through time. My legacy will be unnoticed and discarded by the world. But the universe will record it, just the same, for all eternity. And here it is.

Bloc therapy

Bloc therapy is a system [copyright and trademark by JR Ellis, Rawtimes.com] to clear mental blocks that impede the life force needed for optimal health and healing. Bloc therapy encompasses a set of guidelines to discover blocs that are no longer necessary, as well as a set of tools for their proper disposal. The goal of “Rawtimes Bloc Therapy” is to tune and synchronize an individual such that he can reach his full life potential in glorious splendor.

A bloc is defined [copyright and trademark by JR Ellis, Rawtimes.com] as one of a collection of mental blocks, which as a whole, guide us in all of our thoughts and actions. A bloc is a switch that directs the flow of thought, like a train switchman controlling the tracks or a whip master containing Indians on the trail of tears. A bloc will divert thought from memories, desires and perception. The development of the set of blocs constitutes the matrix of thought. Blocs have become an indispensible component of survival mechanisms, both explaining and controlling perceptions, reflexes and deeds.

For example. I am positive that 7 X 7 = 49. This is because I have performed this same calculation on my fingers so many times. And then I practiced the times table in my head until it became rote. If someone were to ask me what 7 X 7 is, I would reply immediately. There is no longer any need to verify my work, because I am positive. I am blocked to redoing the calculation. This makes life easier, in that I am not wasting valuable energy and mental resources in unnecessary repetition.

Blocs may be installed by the reptilian brain due to pain, or by the ego due to fear. You learn not to touch a hot stove again because you remember the  pain. However, sometimes, you may forget to remove the block, even though the stove has been broken for a long time. Bloc therapy uses a myriad of tools in order to identify blocs, evaluate their continued need, assess the risk of termination, and if successful, the rendering of its final disposition.  Blocs are a large component of rational thought.

To identify blocs:

  1. Certain rational discouragements raise a red flag for inspection
  2. Certain feelings trigger a response
  3. Dreams, fantasies and nightmares give clues
  4. The common evolution of humankind is revealing
  5. The analysis of the adaptation of culture is helpful

Blocs can be classified primarily in one of three groups

  1. Individual – blocs that promote self-survival in this environment
  2. Family – blocs that enable one to be a good parent, child and family member
  3. Tribal – blocs that guide us to be successful within a civilized community

Eating cooked food, the common diets of the only surviving ethnic cultures, is a deterrent to bloc therapy. Current diets are based in the ten thousand year old cultivation of grass, its seeds, and the animals that survive on it. Current diets have survived the fierce competition of warring tribes as they battled the weather and each other. Tribal sovereignty has become necessary to the survival of the individuals, such that those citizens who are not able to submit, do not survive. Natural selection has turned us all into a race of soldiers and slaves. Bloc therapy does not classify the natural diet as a tool. Instead, it is the other way around. Bloc therapy is a tool to enable sincere humans to transcend the obstacles that bind us to a cooked food diet.

A cooked food diet enables the set of common blocs found in modern societies. The earliest writings from over a thousand years ago tell the story of the human expulsion from the Garden of Eden because Adam ate the apple from the tree of knowledge. This story was meant to instill blocs within each tribe, so that they would be compliant in subsisting on a cooked diet based in grass. Fruit was too expensive and time consuming to be used by a tribe that had to devote its energy to aggressive self-defense and maintaining the basic needs of a city. The elders came right out and said, “You are forbidden to know the truth, if you want to live with us.”  Expulsion and banishment was a death sentence. The only citizens who survived, were those capable of adopting these blocs.

Eating raw food (and totally eschewing cooked food) enables a few basic and essential epiphanies. Like, we are all basically good; our instincts are valid, and our desires are natural. Eating instinctively teaches us, over time, what we need. So we learn that what we need and what we want can be the same thing. We resonate with positive feedback, results and feelings. We become synchronized, not only with our taste, but if done right, within every aspect of our lives. There is no need to feel shame at sex. There is no need to crave the approval of our neighbors. And there is the proper security in giving our own bodies the responsibility to make our own healing decisions.







The Upside Down Pyramid Diet


    Who really knows when or what happened
    Did a big bang happen 15 billion years ago?
    Was the earth still a ball of fire 2 or 3  billion years ago
    Has it been a billion years since the primordial soup united Prokaryotes and Eukaryote ?
    (Before animals, plants dominated the world. They competed for sun, by growing higher and wider. They used up so much carbon dioxide and put so much oxygen into the atmosphere, that they almost poisoned themselves into extinction. Luckily animals came around to relieve the oxygen surplus)
    Have fish been swimming in the oceans for a half a million years
    Amphibians for 400 million years
    Reptiles for 300 million years
    Birds for 200 million years
    Have mammals been on earth for a hundred millions years
    I don't know, you tell me, please, tell me, tell me
    I think that man evolved from apes in Africa. Over the last million years, earth has been subjected to ice ages. When the weather was good, the hominids traveled over the world. When the weather got bad, they died. I don't know when they died. But all the humans today are descended from a tribe in Africa.
    Although fire has been claimed over 200 thousand years ago, it was not by any of our ancestors; it was wayfarers who settled in faraway lands, and did not ultimately succeed to live today.
    30 to 40 thousand years ago our common ancestors in Africa, slowly traveled to Europe Asia and America.  Then a glacial expansion stranded a few different tribes over the world, where they continued to evolve separately. The total genetic diversity among humans displays itself today.
    As recent as 30-40,000 years ago, we were in the Garden of Eden; the tree people. We ate fruit: similar diets and gardens over the world. But then we were kicked out by the last glacial expansion and competition from other animals and hominids; and fell on dire times.
    For the next 20,000 years we [the ice people] wandered like nomads, instead of living in the Garden of Eden. Maybe we didn't have fire at first, but by the end, we had adjusted [as people of fire], somewhat to a Paleolithic diet. Instead of fruit, now we cooked some food and killed animals.
    The last ten thousand years after the end of the ice age as we know it, we have prospered, somewhat, by living in cities. No longer nomadic, we fought for land and learned how to exploit citizens for the good of the state (through sexual repression and fear.) Ten thousand years ago, we instigated farming: animals and grass. We became the people of the grass. We ate the seeds and beans of low growing plants. We also ate the animals that were able to eat the grass and seeds. During the last ten thousand years, the fertile farmlands have turned into the largest deserts in the world.
    In the last 200 years, we have become a very special kind of grass people. We have become the people of white slavery. White powders (like flour, sugar, heroin, cocaine, salt), tinctures, synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, distillates, extractions, and purifications. Our kitchens have become chemistry labs. We have made more deserts in the last 200 years than the last 10,000. America is becoming a desert.
    I present this history as an aid to eating raw. It's not just a matter of making a choice and being strong. It is very hard to become a tree person or a fruitarian in these times, because you would be alone. And we have evolved as people in a civilization who require approval from other humans. We are not able to control our actions as much as we think. Control is an illusion. We can't hold our breath till we die. Maybe some people were able to do that at one time, but they are all dead now. Maybe at some time there were free spirits who did not need to live in a tribe. But they are all dead now also. Who knows why? Maybe they were killed by soldiers. I can't be a free spirit today. I can't go somewhere and eat fruit from a tree and sleep in a fertile spot. I need money; deeds, certification and I need to follow rules. It is very hard to adjust to such an unnatural mindset. More about that much later
    The trick to staying raw is to be honest. You must understand your dreams, fears and urges [: ego, family, state] and where they come from.  The why and how are essential clues to becoming honest and taking actions that resonate with goodness. There are many tools I have developed to ritualize the procedures. One of the most important venues is removing blocs.
    Let me explain what I mean by blocs: let's say you grew up in a converted upstairs bedroom with such a low ceiling that you can't stand up in the room. You spend your childhood, bending down in the bedroom, so that you don't hit your head on the ceiling. Well, years later, you are still bending down, even though there is no low ceiling. This is an example of a bloc that must be cleared. We continue to abuse ourselves because of past pains that are no longer relevant.
    In order to clear your blocs, you must clean your mind like you clean your home. You must be honest and fearless: more on blocs later. But I see in my life that it becomes easier to eat in a way that makes me happy, when I feel clear.
    I mention honesty as a tool for becoming raw, because no diet I try will succeed for long, if I don't. But this essay is not about honesty, it's about diet. It's just that it's hard to do one without the other.
    This diet starts with white slavery, which is the diet of mankind today. Enjoy it while you can, because soon you will give up all the benefits of the industrial revolution and medical domination. Soon, as one of the grass people, you eat grains, bread, steak, or whatever, just not something prepared without your knowledge.
    Then you go into the Paleolithic diet, where there are [almost] no grains or seeds, but plenty of animal food and cooked plants. Before entering the Garden of Eden to become a fruitarian, it's interesting to imagine what the early ice age refugees did to manage.  But there was almost no animal food at first. Doing this diet leaves you a vegetarian after the fire people. I pretty much stopped before that and was happier to not have to eat such cannibalistic food.
    This diet can take a long time. I mean, I did this for a long time so far, and I am not a fruitarian yet. Also I haven't eaten any cooked food or sprouted grains lately. I do not intend to be total until the summer. I am just trying to be honest. The coming winter will remind me of the exodus from the Garden of Eden, when people started eating whatever plant parts they could find. This is not really a bad diet, I sort of like it. There are recipes on this part of the diet which are fun. I now have the winter to work on blocs and honesty, by taking actions, so that I can enter the garden this summer. Wish me luck. We all should be so lucky
    Just a few last thoughts: The last animal food I had was cow milk and the last animal I ate was a fish. As I became a vegetarian I felt better and better. I am so glad I don't have to eat that. At the end, I just said no more, and that was that. It didn't come according to a planned date, it came when I was really ready. And I did hang on to cooked food for a while: mostly cooked greens, but I no longer have the urge to eat that today. I am sure that I will eat a little during the year, because the diet is a pyramid. You just eat less and less until you get to the top. Or the bottom.
    Okay, one more thing. Our natural state, as humans, when properly nourished and free, is to be good. We are a generous and loving and beautiful animal. We want to give and share. We enjoy helping others. We rejoice in unison. But that is not what is happening now. The collapse of the American empire and the diet of white slavery have turned us into a horrible group of ugly people, with little sense of compassion or goodness, because of a deadly loss of cooperation and spirit. I can do better, can you?



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