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Natures First Law and Essene Gospel of Peace

Last Updated: 30 Dec 97

Date Written Sun, 9 Mar 1997 10:50:14

I haven't felt, and still don't feel, like writing full-length reviews of these books, but here, in brief, are my feelings about Nature's First Law and The Essene Gospel of Peace.

For starters, I could sum up both books by saying that they appeal to the intuitive, emotional nature, and neither one is all that scientific and meticulously researched and footnoted or anything of that nature. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone able to pick them apart re: certain unverifiable assertions, if you will. But then, it is one thing to take a book with a grain of salt and another thing to become so obsessed with verifying scientifically proven data that you fail to grasp the inherent truth that's percievable by the heart and intuition. In other words, to obsess on the questionable details of either book is to fail to see the forest for the trees.

NFL is, without question, the most agressive raw food book I've ever read. Sentence after sentence is full of absolute conviction. The fact that, in this readers opinion, some of those assertions stated with such conviction are unproven and/or unprovable is a drawback to the credibility of the book; nevertheless, the spirit of nearly every assertion resounds solidly in my heart with the spirit of truth. Really, there is a lot of truth in this book, and a lot of inspiration and strength. I heartily recommend it.

I would also recommend the Essene Gospel of Peace, as it contains a lot of very powerful depiction of a band of seeker's glorious rise from disease and degeneration to health and spiritual restoration. You can choose whether or not you want to believe that this is REALLY the story of Jesus and John helping a band of diseased seekers to the realization of health. Supposedly, this is a story that was discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls and basically contains stuff that didn't get into the Bible. Whatever! All I care about is that this story of the healing of people through correct diet and detoxification, and not just by touching Christ's robe, rings true, and it is inspirational!

Daniel Greene


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