The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 1

By Edmond Bordeaux Szekely
International Biogenic Society

Book Review

Created on Tue 02 Sep 1997

Last Updated: 02 Sep 97

A long time ago, in a place far far away, called Mount Sinai, Moses fasted for 40 days. Moses was a raw fooder. He learned basics truths, and wanted to share them with his tribe. So he wrote down the most basic rules, and brought them back to his people. When he got down from the mountain, he saw that his tribe was worshipping a golden calf. He realized that there was no way that they would be able to follow the Ten Commandments. He was very mad and frustrated. So in his anger he smashed the tablets and went back to the mountaintop alone. He wanted to save his people. He wanted his tribe to be successful. He wanted his tribe to survive long enough to eventually be healthy enough to follow the basic truths. He didnít want to give up on his people.

One of the commandments was: "Donít kill." It was very basic. It meant; do not kill humans, do not kill animals, and do not kill the food that enters your mouth. He wanted everyone to be a raw fooder, but he could see that his people were not ready for it. He knew that they wouldnít do it. So the second time he came down from Mount Sinai, he brought what was later to be called the whole Book of Leviticus. The Book of Leviticus was more than 600 rules; rules that his people could follow. Some of them were the rules of kosher; like its okay to eat animals if you donít mix the milk; if the animal is killed ritually, if its blessed by a rabbi; if the animal has certain characteristics what would exclude, for example, some shell fish and mammals.

They wandered around the desert for 40 years, in the hopes that the next generation would be better able to know the truth. But it was a long time till anyone began to understand.

Many years later, a tribe of people called the Essenes began to understand what Moses was about. They developed their own prayers and rituals. They reverted back to raw food eating. They felt that the sins of the parents were visited on the children. So they hoped that in generations to come, their descendants would transcend their ills. For 500 years they groomed a messiah to carry the message to the rest of the world. They produced Jesus. Jesus traveled the lands, and built a reputation for healing. But he never did finish his work. His message was not delivered to all the people.

John was with Jesus as they traveled. And John wrote down much of what happened. These events are translated in The Essene Gospel of Peace. Supposedly, Edmond may have found the ancients scriptures in the Vatican. There are four volumes in this series, two of them are all prayers. Edmond produced many books and pamphlets and build quite a following. He sold the books for only a dollar. And when he died, he directed that the Essene Gospel of Peace Volume I be sold for one dollar for all of eternity, because that was the most important message that all the people should be able to read. Unfortunately, a dollar doesnít go as far as it used to be. And it costs more to sell it than one dollar. And after all, people canít live on love alone. So the Biogenic Society sold the rites for Volume I to a British Publishing House that sells the book for five dollars now. The old dollar books may become collector items. I donít know how many are produced anymore. So whenever I see one, I buy it. I have over forty copies.

I liked the book. I found it inspiring. I believe it. I donít necessarily believe that it is the complete translation, or that the scrolls even exist, or that Paulís perceptions would be the same as mine. But then again, I donít believe ANY OTHER book either. What I believe is the message of love and life and health. I recommend it very much.

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