Nature's First Law
Review by John Machin

Last Updated: 08 Feb 97

Date Written Thu, 30 Jan 1997 22:21:39 -0800

Book Review,(by John Machin) "Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet" by Stephen Arlin, Fouad Dini, and David Wolfe. 218 pp. Large USA paperback.

Nature's First Law is the noisiest book you'll ever read: it's impossible to turn a page without hearing at least half a dozen gauntlets being thrown down. Nevertheless, the authors' message can be heard loud and clear. Arlin, Dini, and Wolfe are the militant tendency of the raw-food movement, and their uncompromising goal is the conversion of the world to a 100% raw diet - by law, if necessary, with the severest penalties for infringers.

Governments, MDs, food researchers, and manufactureres - each comes in for the special Nature's First Law brand of vituperation, expressed with virtually palable anger at the tragic waste cooked food has brought to a planet and its people.

"Driven by forces seeded in our blood", the authors challenge the establishment to abandon its alchemic experiments and test the efficacy of its medicines, vitamin pills, and putatively nourishing cooked meals against a simple regimen of suncooked plant food. Enlightened raw-foodists are beseeched to propagate news of the miraculous health and spiritual benefits of raw food, with a zeal which surpasses that of the most fervent evangelist: "We are," proclaim the authors, "super-heroes, and our job is to save lives."

Attacking head-on such provocative concepts as HIV, cancer, the "false body," and cooked-food addiction, Arlin, Dini, and Wolfe mince neither their food nor their words, delivering their arguments with metaphoric eloquence bordering on the poetic: "Today's youth has been weaned on the decadent nipple of television." Science, statistics, and history meld with innovative theories and noble philosophy in a coruscating swirl of fearlessly devastating prose.

Although the authors occasionally mistate inference as fact, and offer scant practical help on starting a raw-food diet, their unashamed enthusiasm, their unalloyed plain-speaking, their heady, soaring, glorious confidence make Nature's First Law an inspiring read for anyone with the guts to glimpse behind the veil of hypocrisy suffocating our so-called civilization. This is, in short, an awesome work: buy it, read it - and thank God the authors are on our side.

John Machin, UK



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