Nature's First Law
Review by Rene Beresford

Last Updated: 02 Dec 96

Date Written 01 Nov 1996

When we talk about raw and cooked foods, maybe the latest book out on the subject is that of Stephen Arlin, Fouad Dini and David Wolfe, "Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet". Maul Brothers Publishing, PO Box 900202, San Diego, CA 92190. Cost $14.95 (US). I got a copy from them and it is a well-researched writing.

Maybe, could we look at the topics from a different angle? It might help to get the puzzle more complete. Let us use some logic and let our feelings play a greater part, rather than pure scientific. The different angle is this: Have we ever considered why it is the human being that is so sick, diseased and depleted these days? Why are the hospitals overflowing and there is a lack of doctors and nurses. Why do we have all the headaches, the flu, colds, cancer, arthritis, you name it, the whole array of hundreds of ailments. Read the research done by Ross Horne, the Australian author of "Health Revolution" and where he quotes from American Army research that young boys in the Vietnam war already had a great degree of colesterol problems. Why is humanity so sick these days?? Are we created and born to be sick, is it a punishment, an act of God, does it just fall into our lap, bad luck to the sufferer and so it goes on. Or......could it well be that we do not feed ourselves properly, is it not the diet that is the cause of all this?

Those animals still living in the wild, take a lion, why are they not sick? What do they eat? Natural Uncooked Foods. What about the birds, we all have at times observed that they feed only on raw-uncooked food, the fish in the oceans and lakes, they feed on uncooked, raw food. To look at it from the other angle, which I mentioned earlier, let us look more closely to nature. I mentioned in a previous e-mail about Aterhov, and I agree whole heartedly that we must look at the irrefutable laws of nature. Most of us have heard about the Pottenger experiments with cats, OK, we are not cats, but there is a great truth in what he discovered with those experiments (not that I endorse animal experiments). I write in my pamphlet which I send to people asking info about the Network:

"Think of it; with the most modern technology, equipment and accumulated intellectual and medical knowledge, a common cold, a headache, the flu, etc. cannot be cured without the use of poisoneous drugs and will make matters worse for you in the end. Do you believe that ill-health is with us because we are human, that it is inherited, or because we get older, or that it just invades us, that we are victims of natural causes?"

Bacteria are always with us, we couldn't do without them, but flies will not be found on a clean bin. It is when the body is unclean that bacteria have a soil to settle on and create havoc! Ill health and diseases are caused by bad eating habits AND bad living habits!! (Our thought patterns!). It is the body that wants to heal itself, bringing on the disease, which is actually a healing crisis.

I will leave it till here. Maybe we can look at our diets, raw-uncooked foods/cooked diets, vegan, no meat/fish/eggs/poultry diet/-/ inclusion of meat etc.diets, in relation to an obvious sick humanity. We may come to some conclusion about the original human diet.. I trust so. Thanks and all the best in good health.


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