Raw Eating by Hovanessain
Review by Michele Deradune

Last Updated: 03 Sep 97

Date Written 19 Sep 96

I found that the insistence of natural hygiene to worry about food combining became more of a hindrance than a help for me. I tend to agree with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, who basically says that as long as the food is raw one needn't worry so much about the combining. It's in their cooked forms where that becomes really important. I also have a very interesting (and apparently rare and out of print) book called Raw Eating by Hovanessain, an Armenian who lived in Iran. He thought he discovered raw eating and wrote the book as if he had. It was very interesting, because he had no concepts from others' views on the subject. He claimed that one must eat all raw to get the real results, and the examples of the kinds of foods he ate and their combinations made it clear that food combining was not a concern for him. He did eat a lot of sprouted grains, especially wheatberries, by the way, and enjoyed raw nuts a lot. At first he was more sensitive to cold, but after eating all raw for a while (I don't remember how long), he actually came to the point where he regularly slept outdoors. He said there could be a thin blanket of snow on the ground, that cold, and he would sleep well with only one thin blanket, sleeping on the ground! I'm not sure what became of him, but through the (very unconfirmed) grapevine I have pieced together that possibly he was arrested in Iran (after Khomeini came to power) for criticizing the drinking water. I don't know if he is still alive, but do know from his book (most of his books by the way are in Farsi or Armenian and the English book was a very abridged translation) that many Armenians went all raw through his influence and inspiration. If anyone else has information about Aterhov Hovannesian, I would love to hear it!


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