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Natures First Law

Last Updated: 11 Mar 97

Date Written Sun, 9 Mar 1997 14:25:33


Well put on the review of Nature's First Law.

Their book is highly motivational, well thought out, and has some great factual data at the end. This factual information includes a comparison of carnivores herbivores and omnivores, a description of studies pertaining to raw food, and so forth. More than anything, the book makes you _think_. Thus, I would be surprised if anybody after reading the book would not be intrigued to read on further. No book should be taken as the last word on any subject. It humors me when people become so angered over its contents, for what is better than something that makes us question our past beliefs and seek out the truth. I say this all in spite of having followed a raw diet long before reading this, but NFL sparked a renewed interest in the subject. They are out there to get people off the SAD diet and onto a raw diet. Yes, they see the benefits of a high fruit diet and advocate it, but more so they just push the raw diet. Is that not what all of want to see, more people transpiring to raw? They clearly state in an essay, Gaining Weight With Raw Foods, and I quote "Humans are a class of frugivores of fruitarians- i.e. fruit eaters. Practically all frugivores include green vegetables in their diet. Chlorophyll rich foods are the blood of life. The chlorophyllous green leafy vegetables are the richest sources of alkaline mineral salts, living carbohydrates, and top quality proteins....The foods best fit for human consumption are the fruits.....Nuts are also a potent food, especially in the winter season. Nuts are a heavy food which can provide you with calories for building strong muscles." I believe a fruit, veggie and nut diet is very well balanced. Granted nuts, IMO, should be eaten in small quantity due to their concentration, oil, and excessive protein, this diet offers a good healthy menu for those turning to raw foods. In short, I highly recommend their book. It makes one question and think. Questioning and thinking are some of the most important traits for living in the world today where evrything is pronounced as wrong or right.


P.S. I have since passed this book onto my mother, who really enjoyed it, and yes, is incorporating more raw into her diet. She is now interested in reading further--with the little time she has.

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