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Shakti Das (aka Sahaj Yogi)


Rawtimes Hype

I grew up in the inner city of Chicago during the fifties and sixties. Had city smarts, but the sixties melted my growing cynicism and slowed down the hardening of my heart. I was always interested in what was called Eastern mysticism and started studying Buddhism in the Far Eastern Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin by 1965. I read a lot about Yoga but didn't really meet a yogi until I met Haridas Chauduri in 1966 in San Francisco. Haridas Chauduri was the founder of the Cultural Integration Fellowship and the California Institute of Asian Studies, the latter becoming the California Institute of Integral Studies.

During the spontaneous uprisings of the sixties, I dropped out of school and lived in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury throughout most of 1966 and early 1967 until it became clear that the bubble had peaked. Then Berkeley, Peoples Park, back to the land communes in Mendocino and Humboldt County, Washington State, Oregon, back to Berkeley, etc. In my travels I studied a huge amount of wholisitic practices, body/mind somatics, psychology, Buddhism, and yoga including meditation and hatha yoga.

I studied herbs, acupuncture, massage, neo-Reichian massage, postural integration, deep tissue, cranio sacral, Reiki, Tai Chi, shamanism, somatics, and deep ecology deeply. I studied personally yoga, meditation, philosophy, and healing with Dr. Mishra (Sri Brahmananda), Baba Hari Das, Yogi Bhajan, Swami Shivalingam, Swami Satchitananda, Mildred Jackson (herbalist), Jim Katz (acupressure), Swami Vishnudevananda, Guru Bawa, Yogeshwar Muni, Swami Muktananda, Situ Fong Ha tai-chi), Lama Tarthang Tulku, Geshe Ngawang Dargey, John Davis, Chuck Reily (acupuncture), Lama Kunga Tharste Tulku, HH Sakya Trizin, HH Dalai Lama, HH Dudjom Rinpoche, HE Dezchong Rinpoche, Judith Lasater, Swami Bua all by 1975. Since 1975 I have studied with HE Tai Situ Rinpoche, Lama Chagdud Rinpoche, Swami Kripalu, Lama Wangdor Rinpoche, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, Lama Tharchin Rinpoche, Reverend Ed Brown, John Friend, Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller, Angela Farmer, Kali Ray, Erich Schiffman, John Seed, Joanna Macy, Helena Norberg Hodge, Peter Berg, and Ralph Metzner, Yogiraj A.K. Menon, Rodney Yee, M. P. Bapat, Sri G. K. Pungaliya, Michael Lee, David Swenson, Doug Swenson, Eddie Modestini, Tias Little, Mirka Kraftskow, Rolf Najokat, Richard Miller, Joseph LePage, Rama Burch, Ramanand Patel, Ven. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, Ontrul Rinpoche, Don Johnson, Jack Painter, Jack Kornfield, Besel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Amy Cooper, Gabriel Cousens, Johnny Moses, Lama Khyimsar Rinpoche, Lama Tenzin Wangyal, Nikki Scully, Anne McGinnis, Kunzang Dechen Rinpoche, Andre Bernard, Rosalee Lamb, Anat Baniel, and many other chi gong, tai chi, yoga, somatics, healing, and meditation teachers,

The major teacher has been my own daily integrative yoga and meditation practice which has been consistent since 1972. I have taught yoga since 1972 in Berkeley, Bodhi Gaya, Katmandu, El Cerrito, Fairfax, San Rafael, and Middletown California. I have translated Patanjali's Yoga Sutras which I consider an extraordinary help with one's practice.

The style of yoga that I teach is intuitive - bringing the student into their innate wisdom and wholeness.

I have assisted in craniosacral workshops at Harbin Hotsprings and have acted as director and manager of Berkeley's first Health Maintenance Center: The Center for the Study of health Maintenance Practices - 1972-73. I am a practicing massage therapist specializing in reflexology in Marin County, California. I am a member of the Bioneers and a past member of the American Body Psychotherapy Association.

I am a longtime volunteer in disaster services for the American red Cross, a licensed electrical and general contractor, a yoga teacher, meditator, "Yoga Sutra" extremist, massage therapist, husband, student of yoga, and long time vegetarian and organic foodist.

In my experience raw children are different from their peers who are raised on cooked food. All children naturally have a playful and beautiful energy, but on the raw path there are no artificial foods, drugs or stimulants to block or pervert this energy. Instead their natural freshness is enhanced by the raw food and there is a great flow of energy, without the hyperactivity or irritability that cooked foods and additives cause.


Shakti Das is the person I go to when I need HELP.

Shakti Das is the first rawtimes certified guessor.

Read the guessor web page for more information about what guessors do and how you may use them.

Sign up for one session. Shakti Das will email you directly to confirm a telephone appointment.
The guessor session consists of the Guessor asking the client questions.

during the phone sesssion, the guessor will make some guesses. Sometimes, not till the end of the session.

the guessor does not answer questions or take direction. the guessors asks questions and gives directions. if the guessor is successful, he will give you the benefit of his wisdom, experience, training, and caring; in the form of a guess.

The guessor may not be able to offer any guessors in direct answer to a specific problem. It would be nice though, and the guessor will try to be a relevant as possible. However, sometimes, what the quessor sees, is not what the client thinks they might want. Nevertheless, thats the deal.

You should be so lucky





The First Guessor

  The first and great guru of guessing...
that honor...
goes to a russian peasant named boris
boris lived in the time of the Cossacks and the Czars
in a small remote village that was very cold
he had a little cart in the village square
he sold potatoes
he also stole potatoes
everyday he would walk 9 miles to town with his cart
and on the way, he would steal potatoes
he had been doing that his whole life
his father taught him
thats what his father did
and if he had a son
thats what his son would have done too
but boris was the last of his line
there was no son
there was no wife
boris lived alone in the house that he grew up in
and he walked 9 miles to town everyday to sell potatoes
that he stole on the way
one day
boris was walking into town and he saw one of the landowners screwing a pretty young thing
boris was always hidden, because he was stealing potatoes
and this landowner was just the someone he was stealing potatoes and hiding from
so boris just watched and observed and left as soon as he could
to goto the next farm to steal more potatoes.

the market was very busy that day
noisy and crowded and bustling with energy
business was good
and then boris spotted the landowner with
what he eventually decided was, the landowners wife
he also saw the wench
and it just so developed that boris was in the particularly opportunistic position of being able to cover for the landowner.
exactly what he said and did is unknown because everyone tells a different story that has also grown into a legend over the years.
but it is known that he was able to protect the landowners dignity and family, since the land really belonged to the wife. she was ugly and fat and thats why he needed the wench. but anyway,
boris jumped in and averted a catastrophe by making a spectacle of himself as he shouted to the crowd.
boris quickly said that the wench was there to buy exactly 24 potatoes from him
this was so the wife wouldn't know that the wench was really running to meet the landowner
the wife thought about it and asked how boris knew the wench was going to buy 24 potatoes
that is when boris stammered and then said that he just guessed.
well the landowner was really into this working
the landowner said boris was the best guesser in the whole land
and really made a very big deal about it. and said it alot. and told everyone
and soon people were coming from far away to the market just to hear boris guess
eventually, boris really did become very good at guessing

its too bad boris didn't have a son
because the son would have surely been a good guesser also
so the art of guessing was lost for centuries ...
until the ancient scrolls were found by rawtimes, hiking in the desert mountain caves
the scrolls weren't in english, but luckily i had my bazooka decoder ring with me
and well, anyway, you know the rest



Guessor Manual Table of Contents

  Secret Rawtimes Guessor Manual for Internal Use Only
Copyright, Trademark, Patent Pending, Logo,  and Property of Rawtimes, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, a drop/ship company
Introduction -
A problem with people is a lost of synchronicity. This can be observed in people individually and collectively. There are many obstacles and challenges that everyone is confronted with. Rawtimes Guessors are aware of harmony. They see how the pressure, that has been constantly building for every single moment of our life, is killing us all. Its carnage can be found in chronic diseases, wanton frustration, violence, and the gamut of perversions. A loss of synchronicity is directly traceable to denial; a denial of our basic instincts and intuition, as well as a denial that our mind and body are really the same. Now here we get to a tricky point. People like to divide people into mind, body and soul. (At Rawtimes, we understand the logical relevance of quantum mechanical analysis techniques. We understand that discrete analysis offers insights.) But we also see that we all, individually and as a society, have gone too far rationally, and if anything, we need to compensate in the other direction. The other direction meaning giving more freedoms and liberty to our lower brain feelings. It is from these dark recesses of our minds that we experience intuition.

I would like to briefly introduce a few basic subjects for chapters in the manual.
  1. How the Rawtimes Certified Guessor will verbally (not physically) serve the client in person,  or usually and initially by speaking over the phone, after the Rawtimes invoice has been paid; by asking questions and offering guesses.
  2. what the guessor presents, as qualifications, like wisdom gained through life experiences; while explicitly denying offering services that is in any way related to any and all certifications, professions, religions, nor documented procedures, rituals or conventions
  3. The exercises to develop and hone your intuition
  4. How to tell what your client wants
  5. How to tell when your client is lying
  6. How to make them lie, and why to do it
  7. How to access what your level of confrontation will be, to your clients fears
  8. The standard questions to ask
  9. The groups of questions to ask, when all else fails
  10. The disease of addiction as a loss of synchronicity
  11. Gambling, as an example of an addiction that illustrates the perversion resulting from a critical loss of intuitive health.
  12. The considerations to legally present your guess to your client
  13. Guessor speak certain pet phrases and canned responses to frequently asked questions
  14. How to start the session
  15. How to end the session
  16. How to schedule the next session
  17. Why your choices for invoicing will include anonymous optional billing through rawtimes, and what protection that entails
  18. Your anonymity can be valuable. However you may want to expose yourself to financial, legal, and physical harm by optionally revealing yourself to your client. How Rawtimes can protect your anonymity and what considerations we should be aware of when making that each case choice.
  19. How to deny that you ruined someones life: oh well, we cant be right everytime
  20. Continuing requirements to maintain Rawtimes certification  
The Manual Itself is only available to Certified Guessors and their students

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