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Last Updated: Friday, November 16, 2001

  • San Francisco, California
    • Ongoing weekly
      Living Raw Cuisine with Chef Rayek Join us once-a-week as we create a VEGAN raw entrée & dessert from Organic fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds; then enjoy a meal from our creations. Here’s just a sample of the dishes we’ll make: * Veggie Quiche * Fettuccini Alfredo * Pumpkin Pie * Quesadillas * Lo Mein Noodles * Raspberry Torte * Lasagna * Burritos * Carrot Cake You'll learn HANDS-ON how prepare these dishes from a certified chef & instructor. To register for upcoming classes, please contact Rayek at 415.430.1269 ext9521 or send email to

    • The San Francisco Living Foods Group is the oldest and still a very strong support group, Their web page is at or you can call the Sproutline, 415-751-2806, and leave a message. The Sproutline is a recorded message that provides information on the current activities.
      There is usually a pot luck on the first Sunday of every month. The meetings alternate between speaker and general sharing.

  • New York
    • world travels
      See Jeremy Saffron in and around the world, check out his schedule

    • Living Food Gourmet Dinner Class with David Jubb
      You are invited to the culinary loft for a fantastic festival of food, fun and live music.
      continuing classes and get togethers
      Call Corinne 212 431-7425 at The Culinary Loft, 515 Broadway #5A
      N/R Train to Prince, #6 TO Spring
      Please call if you'd like, 212-696-5646. Thank you very much, Be well,
      Robert Marcus

    • call Phil Gruber 212-462-9235 for more info

    • Rhio's Raw Energy
      Rhio's Raw Energy Hotline (212) 343-1152 lists raw/live food and health related events that are happening in the New York area. Hotline is updated by the 7th of each month. Check out their webpage

  • Oregon

    July 20 - July 22 2002 International Essene Gathering and Workshop at Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort. Once a year the Master Teachers and Healers of the Essene Church gather at beautiful Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort in Oregon to offer their wisdom to the public.

  • Santa Monica, California

    Call the Hardware Humaitarian House at 310-395-6337.
    Every Tuesday is the Hard Raw Café, which is a live food potluck at 7:00pm through 9:30pm located at 1457 12th Street (northest corner of 12th and Broadway) . A big success for over a year and a half.

  • Orange County, California

    there is a group that meets the last Wednesday of each month for dinner at 6:30 p.m. at the Soup Plantation in Costa Mesa. A lot of the people are vegetarians from Earthsave, however there are also those into raw foods. For more info email Sandy or call the coodinator, Wally Straton at (714) 898-6850.

  • Washington, DC

    1. Regular events. Contact Robert Jordan by e-mail or by phone: (202) 726-5671 for more information on Club meetings.
    2. Raw Vegan Foods Gatherings Sponsored by the Vegetarian Society of the District of Columbia
      Every month meetings take place at various group member's homes and have a different activity each month. Please come and enjoy the good food and conversation with others interested in adding more raw foods to their diet. You should bring a raw vegan foods dish to share and plan to have fun!
      Call Debbie Sheetz at 703-931-7362 for more information on raw events
      or send e-mail to:
      Vegetarian Society of the District of Columbia
      PO Box 4921 Washington, DC 20008-0121 Tel:202/362-VEGY

  • San Diego, California
    • Thanksgiving is coming! Join us on Saturday November 24th for a Vegetarian LivingFoods Thanksgiving meal-sharing fundraiser dinner. This will be a "formal" sit-down banquet/buffet potluck dinner with live entertainment. There will be items for purchase and a silent auction. We will have video rooms set up for viewing of informative, educational, and entertaining videos such as "The Witness" documentary (see and "Chicken Run", as well as footage from the "Raw Food Masters Culinary Showcase" held in Jamaica during Summer 2000 (produced by Vitalities, Inc. founder Csilla Jacobson - see Enjoy live acoustic guitar music during dinner and after dinner our special entertainment will be a belly-dancing performance - so have those dollar bills ready!! Let's plan a meal together to include appetizers, salad, soup, beverages, a main course, and dessert. If you plan on attending and know you will be late, then please plan on bringing a dessert! Tableware will be provided. Volunteers requested for tables and chairs, help with set up and clean up, and auction donations.
      Reservations required by Mon., Nov. 19th for a max of 50 people. (Cancellations no later than 48 hours before the event please.) Please RSVP asap to make potluck dish and volunteer arrangements.

      $5.00 admission donation.
      3:00pm: video showing. 5:00pm: appetizers and socializing.
      Location: Oceanside.
      Please RSVP to LifeLine 619-364-6968 or

    • check out for full event schedule

  • Big Island, Hawai'i

      Living Raw Cuisine Retreat with Chef Rayek
      February 7-13, 2002
      Along with raw food meals & snacks each day, this retreat includes:
      • Sprouting nuts, seeds, grains & legumes
      • Nutritional & food combining information
      • Preparing quick & easy meals
      • Growing green sprouts (e.g. alfalfa)
      • Making fermented foods (e.g. rejuvilac)
      • Making nut/seed cheese, milk & cream
      • Using a dehydrator, food processor & knives
      • Creating meals for large groups
      • Making breads/pastries from sprouted grains
      • Developing & marketing raw food classes
      • Creating memorable recipe demonstrations
      • Networking with others into raw foods
      • Morning yoga classes
      • Afternoon trips to the beach; snorkeling
      For more info & reservations call 800.274.4446 or email

  • Australia

    the Fruitarian Raw Food Network, Mr. Rene Beresford, Coordinator, P.O. Box 293, Trinity Beach, Qld. 4879, Australia.

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