Jean Logan

Last Updated: 14 June 1999
Date Written: 13 Oct 1997

I recently retired from Federal Service and am now enrolled at Clayton College of Natural Health. I should have my masters in Holistic Nutritional Healing by the end of this year and intend to go on for my Ph.D. As part of my course work I was required to read "Enzyme Nutrition" by Dr. Edward Howell. Reading this book first got me excited about eating live food. Elizabeth Baker's video and book, "The Uncook Book" even made me more enthusiastic. I have no trouble believing Dr. Max Gerson when he wrote about putting people on a raw food diet to heal cancer.

Several years ago my husband, Dean and I joined a spiritual organization entitled "Mahikari." At Mahikari we learned about the use of the various energy fields for healing and enhancing the growth of plants. After a while we realized that Mahikari was a mind controlling cult with less than spiritual ties and left the organization, taking with us what we learn about the use of this energy. We studied organic garden and Dean and I went on with our training and became Master Gardeners. Dean retired from his job as a software engineer from AT&T, so we now can pursue what we feel is our mission in life. We purchased 160 acres of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Franklin, North Carolina, where we would like to do some organic gardening using spiritual energy. We are hoping and praying others will be guided to join us in our venture.

Unlike many vegetarians, we do enjoy raw dairy. I would fight for our right to have raw goat milk or raw goat cheese if we so choose.


Jean Logan


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