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Last Updated: 2 August 1999

There are 4winboxes networked through an unmanaged hp switch

  1. The Primary Domain Controller is a windows nt4 server with backoffice. It runs Vclip server and client, while the other computers need only run vclip client, so that data can be cut and pasted between monitors.

  2. The second computer runs Windows2000. It also runs Vclip client, part of the Virtual Clipboard package I am developing to virtualize a common clipboard server.
  3. The third computer runs win98 se. The monochrome monitor will always display the text of the windows server clipboard, by running SpyClip2.1, another in house product. And with vclip client enabled, any clipboard pasting from any computer on the network will display the text on this monochrome monitor.

The LAN has a switch hub, with room for 8 computers. So three friends can come over with their laptops. There is also a Lexmark laser printer, a microtek scanner, a canon photoprinter, a kodak dc260 digital camera with 48mb flash card, a mixer and a satellite speaker with a sub woofer. Another computer in the next room networked in.


The chair is a Backsaver Recliner. The Microsoft keyboard rests on a pillow on my lap, and is (Rose Electronics) hotkey keyboard switchable between the computers. The intellimice are on a tray that slides over the side. The monitors are suspended from the ceiling so that I can look at it straight on. There is a shelf haging down from ceiling beams with chains, to support the monitors. A single remote control is for the TV, stereo, CD player, and VCR. The 2 line speaker phone has a UNEX hands free headset. The PIM I am developing, Fone, dials the numbers and logs the calls. Two air conditioners and 2 high ceiling fans.

This is the development environment that I am using to produce Virtual Clipboard Package, a new windows95/nt Internet clipboard protocol client written in Visual C++6. It is in beta testing, and more testers are needed.

Also under development is a Personal Information Manager call Fone. The prototype is written mostly in MSAccess with Visual Basic for Applications, with SQL. It is customizable for personal use for scheduling and record keeping, and small business to use for invoicing and inventory. It is not even close to marketing, but is used by some clients now.



and yes, i was watching young Hercules on tv

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