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Written Wed, 25 Dec 1996

well, how's this for a raw recipe! I love sprouts, but haven't had good luck with smaller ones -- like alfalfa -- easier to buy in the store -- but ANYONE, even a klutz in the kitchen like me, can sprout lentils, and they are delivious, as a side dish (I like a little catalina dressing on them -- the red and green is festive) -- i made my own sprouter jar -- an old pint canning jar, the ring off a canning lid, and a round piece of screen, cut to fit -- i use an old coffee measurer deal to measure out about 2.5 teaspoons of dried lentils -- bought right off the shelf at safeway -- no need to go to the health food store for this one! -- i cover the lentils with warm water, let sit on the window sill half a day or so, pour the water out and rinse them once or twice a day -- in about 2.5 days, they'll be sprouted -- i upend them in the dish drainer after they get going, after a rinse, and keep them in the fridge until they are all eaten, after sprouting.

this gives one an easy, indoors, winter garden -- good in soups or by themselves in a bowl with a little olive oil and seasonings.

NO, I'm not Italian -- but lived with one for a while -- my daughter is half Italian, the rest Scottish and Choctaw (my side)!

best wishes for a wonderful winter solstice season!

more later.

achitu! avalonb@juno.com aka Brings Together Woman

dec. 20

like solberg, i'm new to computers and a fanatic about desert living! unlike solberg, I didn't program anything back in the '60's, and my 'orchard' is about 5 years behind his in production! I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years, with rare (pun intended) exceptions), and really like to hear and feel my food go CRUNCH when I bite into it, so maybe I;'ll fit in here -- ain't eatin' no bugs, tho! no sireee!!

I just bought 3.5 acres in a wonderful little desert community of around 300 people -- will be putting in my l0th garden but lst biointensive one, along with fruit and nut trees. that will sustain me; to sustain my bank account, i hope to start a little newspaper, quarterly, for menopausal women -- called l4th Moon -- i'm part N.A. and in tribal teachings, once a woman passed her l4th moon without a flow of blood, she had 'done' menopause, and entered her prime time years -- she'd come into her power

altho i'm solberg's age, and grew up in white america and polite society, wachitus have always struck me as a little strange! they have it all backwards, thinking once a woman has ceased babymaking years, she's all done -- really, it's the otehr way around.

anyway, you said something at the end of your homepage, about turning in an email to a web link, or something like that? (gosh, but i get confused by all this comptuer lingo)

a friend and I are going to build me one of those http:// things for l4th moon, and I'd appreciate any 'links' or directions to it, p[ointing the way, that i could get, anywhere! so, if you could help out in that respect, I'd greatly appreciate it.

thanks for any help/info/response!

achitu. avalon, aka brings together

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