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Last Updated: 20 Jun 98
Date Written: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 17:02:07

Hello All, I would like to tell you a story about myself and how this all came about. When I was young about 15 my mom took me to the Doctor as I was about 250 lbs. Well the Doctor gave me some pills that I took and I lost 70 lbs in the next 6 months. But as soon as I would stop taking the pills I would start gaining weight again. So Back to the Doctor again and more pills. Which later I found out that they were speed, and now I was hooked to them. So for the next 10 years I spent going to all kinds of doctors to make sure I had enough pills to keep me slim. I then got married and stopped taking the pills and that was tough as I did it cold turkey. Well then my wife and I had two kids. So except for work I did not get out of the house to much and the weight kept coming and coming on to my body till I got all the way up to 550 lbs. At this point I went to the health food store and bought every book I could find about how to eat and not gain weight and I found some of the best and I still re-read them again and again. But I was getting sick all the time now and the doctor told me I might have maybe five years left if I was lucky. He said I had to loose weight or DIE!!! He then told me there was a new operation called a stomach staple that had help others. So that was my next step in Feb. 1987 I had it done and lost 250 lbs. To any of you out there thinking of doing this. Take my work for it. It is not worth it. You end up througing up all the time there are lots of foods that will just not go threw. Well I learned just what I could and could not eat in time. But then again the weight started coming back again and I was eating lots of soft vegtables and soups no meat at all and you think I would not gain but it just kept coming and coming till I got up to 460 lbs So then I pulled out all the books again and figured out what I was doing wrong my whole life and it was pretty simple at that too. FAT MAKES YOU FAT I gave up the butter cheese and penut butter and ate the way I always have for the past 12 years. But this time I went a step further. I start my day off with 3 ounces of wheatgrass juice which I grow myself and after about 30 mins. I have a 1/2 pound of alfalfa sprouts that I also grow in the kitchen. Between the two of them I can feel the energy hit me like a lightning bolt!!! I then have lots of fresh fruit for lunch as much as I can eat till I am really full. This is a very good time of the day for me as you know fruit is the best tasting food on the planet. Well the weight started coming off at a pretty good rate and now that it is 6 weeks later I have lost 40 lbs and have eaten more food then I ever have in all my life. To Bad it took me 47 years to find out that Gods way is the only way to live and feel so happy with myself as I know all of this extra weight will all come off and the second part of my life will be the best part. I was in bad shape too. I could almost not walk and now it is know problem for me to get around and I am back on my feet again. The funny part is that I knew about this and told many people how to do it, but never did it myself but now I have and will for the rest of my life. I would love to help anyone that needs some help or have any questions about this. My name is Douglas Beckling my e-mail address is n6qqm@qnet.com or you can call me direct as I am home most of the time right now. you can call from 2pm to 2am pst at 805-264-1826 Well People just remember Gods way is living life and being happy and free from sickness.

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