Ben Russell

Last Updated:15 Aug 97
Created on Fri, 15 Aug 1997

As requested - a little introductory info on my background. Learned about N. H. some 36 years ago. Shortly after incurred some heart damage; went to San Antonio and stayed with Dr. Shelton for 32 days, fasting for 22 days. Made good recovery. Had a natural food store in the Chicago area for some six years. Conducted classes on N.H. for my customers and others. I still continue to teach. Another avocation is the teaching of natural law economics, starting in 1947 in Chicago. Am still involved with the teaching and promotion of this science. Have been on a predominately raw food diet for these many years and recently moved to a completely raw diet. Married my second wife 11 years ago. We enjoy life here with many good friends in this beautiful Ozark area. Ellen keeps busy as a hostess and a maker of quilts. (We have 60 on sale!). I am occupied with writing and teaching. (I am now 88) Our lives are filled with blessings! I look forward to learning more about the raw food life and using that knowledge to help others improve the quality of their lives. Ben Russell - Council for Economic Inquiry URL

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