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Date Written: Wed, 27 Aug 1997

The dietary changes I have gone through:

Started out over 20 years ago hearing my wonderful husband is epileptic. Being kind of ignorant and since the seizure hit late at night my immediate response was a 911 call w/ambulance assistance to hospital. At this time I was just getting introduced to health food shopping. Next day neurologist treated my husband as a very sick man and put him on dilantin. He told him "rest, drugs, and take it easy" forever. Shopping in the health food store, knew drugs was not the answer spoke to friend who then advised us of this wonderful holistic dr. who said "nope, to epilespy, yes to low blood sugar." I wonder today how many people take dilantin for low blood sugar. Yes the orginal test from neurologist confirmed husband was epileptic but he couldn't care why husband was sick but saw insurance $$$. After 6 weeks of changing diet, going radically cold turkey w/no animal products at all (including cheese), another brain test run and perfect. Girl at hospital could not believe he was the same man as she had taken the first test on husband 6 wks. before. Actually the holistic phy. did accupuncture, cranial adjustment, supplements, chiropractor care, juicing and detoxing. My husband threw out dilantin...called dr. #1 and he said "great husband doing well but stay on drugs."

I had become involved with the Vegetarian Society just like Maynard, but my view seems to differ from his. I do not eat animal products, I eat primarily raw organics since I woke up to the wonderful world of probably 85%+ raw, and do not judge people for where they are at or what they eat.

Not every article or subject on the raw list is of interest to me, but I make a choice if I need to gather information from same or not. I have taken tons of classes on macrobiotic cooking and got to love sea veggies. I have taken tons of natural cooking classes as well. Last year decided to go all out and bought an expensive bread machine (Bosch) that will knead whole wheat flour for apprx. 6 loaves of whole wheat delicious bread. Even got grain mill (K-Tec).

Where am I today: eat tons of raw, juice, take the barley green that has been talked about here, and a cleanser. Feel wonderful.

My husband who works outside in this hot mile high sun (CO) and runs around in his heated truck comes home with tons of energy. He used to fall asleep on the floor before when he was sick over 20 years ago, but today we are both going stronger and stronger. I'm 51, husband 52. Oh yeah, last year my husband needed boast before we discovered more raw and the wonderful world of more raw organics increase, and he took ephedra. As soon as we increased raw since March no more Ephedra but tons of energy.

I can't say enough about eating a healthy lifestyle of being an educated consumer. I'm not in a position to have health insurance at the moment so I choose to eat healthy.

My plans: educate people (w/opened ears/eyes) to a better way of eating and hopefully have them catch the drift. You all may remember I am headed to study with Geo. Malkmus in Sept. If that door opens up for me, I will walk down anywhere people want to hear the message.

Raw, raw, raw, is the way for my husband and I. It is wonderful reading Malkmus book w/tons of testimonies on how this way of eating has helped them, and many saying their dr. gave up on them.

Vegetarians come in different shapes and forms and once again, I believe the raw way comes with a high price (being radical for beliefs and paying more for the quality) but I am not willing to compromise for my beliefs. In the winter, I will probably do some soups, but it will be minimum. There are different types of vegetarians: those who don't eat chicken, but eat fish, those who don't do dairy, those who don't do....

Hope this encourages all of you to think that where you are at may not be where you will remain. I went from a heavy meat/potatoe person, to vegan, then onto a little deviation to taking some cheese (no longer vegan, but went back later), and today mainly raw. I believe everyone has something to share and we can benefit from the knowledge and sharing that is here.

Take care. Healthy eating.

Carol (CO)

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