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Last Updated: 02 Dec 96
Date Written: 3 Dec 1996 02:51:41 GMT

With reference to Your kind today's invitation to write something about myself, I will say that my involvement with dietetic reform goes back to 1977,forced by critical health conditions.

Since then,I have been learning a few foundamental things that I would like to share with You:

  1. Man, for thousend of years now, has brought himself - because of dietetic trasgressions - to the dual condition of:
  2. To take himself out of this dual tragedy, Man has failed tru the avenues of Religion and Philosophy. He is failing again - and miserably - tru the contemporary avenue of Science.
  3. It will be tru the avenue of Biological Vegeterianism that He will, eventually, succeed.
  4. Conventianal Vegeterianism, in all its present forms, fails to produce that one dietetic platform that would secure, in time, success, that is:

Perhaps time has come for Mankind to start on the avenue of Biological Vegeterianism which will bring It back to the far and lost home:the Garden!

Thanks for Your invitation, and thanks for Your attention.


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