Dave Toye

Last Updated: 05 Jan 97

Created on Sun 05 Jan 1997 at 10:28 PM

Raw foodist 8 months. Why? Study of the Essene Gospels of Peace I, II, III, IV and the Essene Code of LIfe inspired me to try a new way. The old way of conventional foods was not working. Example; persistent acne empowered by anorexia and the developement of upward evolving virus and bacteria culminating in yeast and fungus/molds. The message that comes through the gospels is self proving. Put it to action and it works. Fasting 7 days healed the acne condition. That was 20 years ago. It has taken me 20 years to transition from SAD to 100% raw plant food. It was a frontier waiting to be explored. Here and now is the mystery revealed. Here and now is the curtain lifted.

Peace be with you

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