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I have people who depend on me to feed (i.e., cook--OH, I mean prepare meals for ) them, but they are all male, teenagers and up, and are unlikely to endorse total abandonment of the SAD.

I come from a long line of SAD eaters (all direct ancestors are now deceased), so I cooked SAD by default. I flirted with vegetarianism, but could never sustain it on a regular basis. Tried McDougall, but felt too shaky. Tried Fit for Life, and felt terribly hypoglycemic. Tried Atkins, and felt totally stopped up. Meanwhile I've gained some 40 pounds and some minor chronic health problems (low thyroid function, depression, and low stamina and energy).

I've also studied with an Edgar Cayce group (Assoc. for Research and Enlightenment), and I feel like I share ideals with people at the Findhorn community--even if I don't have time to garden. I've always been interested--which doesn't always translate into action--in feeding my family beneficial foods, and I naturally believe my lack of energy is directly attributable to what I eat, but I've never known how to go about resolving these dilemmas in any practical way.

I've started (again) sprouting, I've done a lot of the spiritual homework along the way, and now--damn it!--I want to turn theory into practice. (Not to mention getting off Synthroid and anti-depressants and losing 40 lbs!)

Raw food is a more recent discovery in my journey. I'm hoping to learn more through newsgroups like this. We'll see, won't we?

Fran Freiman
A Yankee in Houston, TX

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