Last Updated: 26 Apr 97
Date Written: 26 Nov 96

Cooked food is considered by some to be an addiction. Cooked food for many of us proves to be as hard to let go of as any other addictive substance, such as alcohol or nicotine. This has been my own experience. Letting go of cooked foods has brought me a sense of freedom that I have never experienced before. I have been eating a 90-100% raw food diet for the past three years. Some people see cooked foods as several different drugs and the practice of eating cooked foods as a type of drug addiction. I have had a lot of personal success in letting go of cooked foods and eating a raw food diet through a program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, using a spiritual basis (not a religious approach) to a raw foods lifestyle. (Spirituality in this context means one's personal beliefs or lack of thereof, which has nothing to do with organized religion.)

I have had a lot of success using this approach and have found it makes one stronger to be in contact with others that have a similar interest. Eating a high raw food diet on a spiritual basis is not for everyone, but it brings incredible rewards in self-confidence, leads to health of body, mind, and spirit, and allows me to live my life with significantly more joy. If anyone else would be interested in such an approach to eating living foods, I would love to "talk" to you about it through the ordinary e-mail process, through IRC, or through Internet Phone, etc.


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