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I have always been into health food, and shopping at health food stores for the past 6 years. I was not ever introduced to living foods, and when I was the light came on. I started on Raw foods after I found out it was the correct food we should all eat. I had already cut out the red meat about 8 years ago. I have been a vegatarian for about a year, then a vegan for 6 months, to the point now where I am about 100% raw food (for about 2 months now). I am currently open minded as to what raw foods I am eating, I currently include (all organic- when I can get it), fruits, vegtables, nuts, (some) grains, sea vegtables, and natural supplements such as algae and bee pollen. I am reading quite a few books about raw/living foods. I no longer need to be convinced that it is the way. I think we have been done a great injustice by the government... I learned in elementary school about the 4 food groups and how we should eat them everyday for our health. I can't believe they would teach young kids this. I strive to educate the public (the ones that want to find out) about raw foods. I will not push it onto anyone. I feel that everyone is intitled to their opinions and will choose what they want to do. I just want to give everyone the option of raw foods and life or dead foods = nolife.

I have been to three raw restaurants so far:


1224 9th Ave, San Francisco CA 415-665-6519

This was the first living food place that I have ever been to. Lets start this review off by saying, RAW finished off my 1st day of 100% raw food, and it was delicious! I had the pizze' It was delicious. The food was excelent, the owner, even came by to see that everything was ok. Kinda pricey, but since they use 100% organic foods, I felt it was worth it. I have since been back 2 times since my first visit. Ever time ordering something new, and finding it to be just as good. My current fav is the Itailian Pizze and The HazelNut Carob Torte!

Love N Life

63 Broadway, Fairfax CA 415-453-5433

This place serves 100% raw food as well, although they are mostly(?) a juicebar as they have no real seating, just a few seats ala bar style. They serve a variety of raw food dishes, can be made to go or eat there. They seem to offer on a regular basis: Living food Pizza's made with sprouted wheat crusts, as well as raw food pies. They always have a few differnent dishes ranging from hummus, to different types of salads that are available. They are new (just opened a month or two ago) and still getting things together. The prices are very reasonable, and food is good.

Garden Taste

Del Mar, California (I believe)

This place was a vegatarian restaurant and juice bar. I found two living food entrees on the menu, as well as living food deserts. The item I ordered was a "sampler" and had about a half dozen scoops of their differnet living salads as well as three scoops of the spreads all served over greens. It was very good. For desert, I had a piece of living pumkin pie, which was good as well. I wished they had more living food entrees. The prices were reasonable, and since I was visiting San Diego, and it was the only place I could find to eat, I would say it was definelty worth the trip from Downtown san Diego from Del Mar.

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