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Aloha from Hawaii!

We're a family of Natural Hygiene raw food vegans going way back to the l960's and 1970's. Son SolRay Brilliant Duncan is a lifelong (19 years) vegan who runs daily and competes in 5K races. I found out about N.H. and Herbert Shelton through mentor Andre Bernard in New York City. SolRay's dad is Just Natural Brilliant, who started life as a vegetarian in Philly and returned to N.H. in 1971. We moved to Hawaii with my four sons in 1977. SolRay was born in the morning sun later that year. I'm a performing artist, musician, director and teacher, have toured plays all over the state.

I've been living Natural Hygiene principles for 35 years now, some years all raw, sometimes 95% raw foods. My fifth son Sol Ray has never eaten animal products his whole life of 19 years. His dad Just Brilliant has eaten all raw since 1971. My older sons are mostly lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat cooked and raw foods.

We have ideas to share, and would like to meet folks with similar life styles. I am a performing artist, enjoy poetry, music, and drama. It would be fun to collect, compose poems, skits, music on subjects of health, animal liberation (Just coined this word first), and ecological lifestyles. Anyone interested?

Mahalo and Aloha from
Jym Duncan in Hawaii

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