Krister Knutars

Last Updated: 07 Sep 97
To tell you the truth, it (the swedish raw food community) has been better. The last five years there haven't been any Living Food society except for a couple of hundred people that occasionally meet and eat, no regular newsletter or connection with scientists or anything like that. 1990 we still had a newsletter with scientific articles and lots of other interesting stuff but that very year it ceased to exist.

Today however I notice a growing interest in Living Food and I teach people the natural way to prepare food here at the Swedish Vegetarian Society those days (sundays) when our oasis is closed. Still, I'm talking about 10 people in each class and one or two classes each month so it isn't much but it's increasing. I've had 15-20 guests in the oasis almost each day since opening and I couldn't wish for more right now. October 27 I will serve a lot of (150) raw meals at a high society party (where the tickets cost about $80, can you believe that?). We are active spreading raw food information the best we can but it feels like we need more idealists (did I spell that right?) to get it all going _really_ fast forward. However, I feel content with the situation as it is right here and now.

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