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Last Updated: 01 Sep 97
Created on Fri, 23 May 1997

Hi, my name is Lisa McAlister and I am from St. Amant Louisiana, which is a small rural town about midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I went 100% raw about five years ago in order to improve endometriosis and many other female problems I was experiencing. I was still eating baked potatoes and drinking coffee, which is probably why I never detoxed, however, my health problems drastically improved. I didn't know that much about raw foodism at the time and spent a great deal of time and energy growing sprouts, sprouting nuts, chopping vegetables for huge salads and juicing. It just all got to be too much and I gradually started eating cooked food again. Food is an inherent part of the culture in South Louisiana, and it has been difficult to break away from that.

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for quite some time, and in April of 1996, I became pregnant. Immediately, I began concentrating more on my eating habits, but as I learned more about raw foodism, I learned that pregnancy was not the time to go completely raw. I began gradually eliminating things from my diet, and found that I craved fruit, especially fresh pineapple. The pregnancy was a very complicated one and I delivered almost 6 weeks early, but my son is a very healthy, happy exclusively breastfed baby at 5 1/2 months. I am basically down to two or three cooked things a week and eat a completely vegan diet of simple raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

I plan to go completely raw when I stop breastfeeding, so that no toxins are released in the milk as I detoxify. My husband has doing a transition diet also, but refuses to give up his seafood on an occasional basis. I plan to raise my son as a raw foodist and I am interested in any information I can get in raising a raw food child in this very unaccepting society.

I'm not sure how long this bio was supposed to be, so feel free to edit as necessary. Looking forward to the association with other raw foodists.

Lisa McAlister

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