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Created on Sun, 3 Aug 1997

By training and work experience I am a physicist converted into computer analyst. However, I am informally studying nutrition and alternative health approaches to life. From that perspective,my life partner, Doris, and I chose to eat a vegan diet about 7 years ago. One of my grown children and Doris's daughter, over time, decided to do the same. Our diet is about 85% raw, more in the summer, less in the winter, and I've started to eat more organic, especially the green leafy vegetables.

I have never felt better; I weigh less than I ever did, even in high school, and even I college when I was on the water polo team. Of course I do other healthful things besides diet: I get some kind of high intensity aerobic exercise more than three times a week, I do a small amount of weight lifting, and I do a very small amount of meditating. I like the result: I can't remember being sick in the last 15+ years, even a cold. (When I've felt one coming on, I've taken some echinacea or goldenseal.)

I'm currently participating in a Reversing the Aging Process study. For this phase, the protocol includes a large number of supplements and excludes fried foods, sugar, wheat, yeast, chocolate, and caffeine and requires a high clear-liquid (either purified water or fresh veg/fruit juice, or herbal tea) intake. The protocol also calls for only very light eating in the evening, mostly juicing. I find that when I keep to this part of the protocol (and it's the hardest part for me) I need less sleep than I do otherwise.

I try to follow some Natural Hygiene principles, such as food combining and skin brushing. Anyway, my resting heart rate is about 45-50 and my blood pressure is about 105/50.

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