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Last Updated: 02 Sep 97

Hi, all!

We are Michael and Alyssa in southern California (Orange County of all places). We have a 2-1/2 year old daughter and a 4 year old cat. Michael has been an aspiring fruitarian since the 70's, inspired by Ann Wigmore, Viktor Kulvinskas, Joseph Denafo and various other natural living visionaries. I (Alyssa) am relatively new to this way of eating (made first attempts 4 years ago) and our daughter has been on a mono-food diet of breastmilk until recently. We aspire to 100% live fruit, vegetable, nut, seed and fermented foods and have been doing pretty well this summer. Although we aspire to seasonal, mono-food fruitarianism we do prepare essene breads, complicated live food recipes and occasional raw dairy (!) in our efforts to stay live. We prefer the word live to raw, yet are less than militant about it.

Food addictions which have continued to plague us off and on include raw dairy, cooked dairy, cooked grains and tofu products.

We are interested in information on live/raw pregnancy, live/raw breastfeeding, live/raw toddlers, live/raw children as well as enticing live food recipes which we can use to tide ourselves over during times of temptation and support ourselves as we interface with our loved ones in the cooked community. We are also interested in live food community building. Oh yes - also live food for cats, especially cats with kidney problems (caused by SAD and pesticide poisoning).

We use a Green Power Machine, a Vita-Mix and a Harvester Dehydrator, having recently retired our Champion juicer.

What else? Thanks for sharing this wonderful forum - we look forward to exchanging ideas and live, raw power creativity.

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