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Last Updated: 03 Dec 96

Date Written: 30 Oct 1996

Hello everyone from sunny England.
I'm new to this game and I think its great, I just wish I had more time to take part.

As a brief intoduction, I have run for the past four and a half years "The FRESH Network" which is a completely NON-PROFIT-MAKING information and support network (snail mail) for all types of raw food diets. Based in England, most of our contributors are Uk based, but we do have members all over the world. We have a magazine, sell books from all over the world, run courses, organise get-togethers, have a telephone support line and have a contact list for those wanting to write to others. The important aspect is that the network is purely to help others no matter what they eat, just to encourage and inform them about the advantages of raw foods. NO-BODY WHO WORKS HERE RECEIVES A WAGE, not even me, that way we keep our focus of helping others, and not for personal financial gain.

Visit our basic, forming web-page at:

Date Written: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 13:51:12 GMT

Dear all,

Its been a very hectic time for me in that I've just finished the FRESH magazine, so I've not been able to reply to personal letters or to this network, so apologies, I will reply soon.

But my big news is that I'm going to have a baby!!!

I'm amazed and delighted, and its really pushed me into getting my act together to get the sort of life I feel is best for me and my family. That is to move to a tropical climate and be with other raw fooders who are interested in developing a growing raw food community wanting to work with personal/spiritual/consciousness growth, growing our own food, self healing and natural parenting. I have found that so many people want to be "in community" but it never happens, or works out because of all the personal Shit that we have due to early childhood damage that we all have, (ie personal issues of why we can not really get on with others and not be pseudo and fake niceness, without really expressing ourselves).

Its a challenging subject because most do not feel able to really face their stuff and rather look for a cosy set-up that does not really have to deal with such things. We all have ways of avoiding our pain, ie being too busy, or blanking off with food or tv. But these set-ups never work - ie perfect relationships etc.

So anyone out there interested in exploring the subject? ie a raw food, tropical land based community using psychotherapeutic techniques (ie such as those used by Scott Peck in "Community Building", or Arne Mindel in "Process Oriented Psychology", or many others), along with spiritual and consciousness expansion techniques to heal ourselves so that we can truly be in harmony with ourselves, each other and the planet.

Carrying a new life has really pushed me into driving for what I feel is possible and best. I have masses of enthusiam and drive, but do need others!

So I need your help.

To give you a bit of background, for those who don't know me already, I have been raw for 5 and a half years with 4 being 100% raw and have been running The FRESH Network for 4 and a half years. This network is a non-profit information and support network dealing with all types of raw foodism around the world. Similar to this network, but in a magazine snail-mail format. I already have two children (aged 7 and 9) who are not 100% raw due to ignorant mistakes I made during their early years, and because of their continuing connection with their father who does feed them sort of healthy food (!), but it is mostly cooked, therefore poison. They will continue to have this connection so circumstances are not ideal, though when with me I do not cook for them!!

However for the new baby, the story will be very different. I am aiming for 100% raw throughout, with Natural Nurturing Parenting as described by Jean Liedloff in "The Continuum Concept". Oh how I wish I knew all this when I had my other two!!

So with warm wishes,


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