Ed Peterson

Last Updated: 02 Dec 96
Date Written: 02 Dec 96

My name is Ed Peterson. I grew up a glutarian (eating all "food"). At age 22 my health finally went. Now 24, I've spent the majority of the last 2 years on raw foods, with a very noticeable increase in health.

I've also done two 20 day water fasts. Spent about 6 months on oranges + orange juice. Went liquidarian (just juices + water) for 60 days.

Like Dr. Renee Wellhouse, N.D. told me: "You earn your health."

For inspiration, I'd recommend reading Long Pilgrimage by John G. Bennett from Dawn Horse Press. Shri Govindananda Bharati spent 40 years in a forest either fasting or eating only fruit. That's hardcore!!!

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