Judy Pokras

Last Updated: 21 June 1999
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 20:57:53 -0400

I love the idea of the irc chat channel!

I'll try to stop by and say hi!

I keep wishing there were a raw foods news group instead of a mailing list, because my e-mail box gets inundated and I often can't check it except for twice a week. Then it takes me a very long time to go through and read and delete stuff.

Do you know if anyone's trying to get a newsgroup started?

Judy in NYC

P.S. -- I just returned from a business trip from NYC (where I live) to DC. I took a train, the Amtrak Metroliner, and although I made about 5 phone calls in advance to confirm my request for a vegan meal, ultimately, there was no meal for me, and I was furious. I was traveling first class, which is considerably more expensive than coach, and first class is supposed to come with a meal.

It would be great if other raw foods enthusiastis and vegans would send letters to Amtrak to request a more enlightened menu policy.

(The best they will do at present is offer a "vegetarian" lasagna, which contains cheese.)

I'm so tired of having to go through a major song and dance to get healthful food in restaurants, hotels and now, trains.

I suppose that's why I prefer to stay home and prepare my own food, or eat at the two excellent, pure restaurants a few blocks from my apt.

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