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Rene Beresford is a fruitarian and coordinates the Fruitarian Network around the World from Australia

Rene commenced on the predominantly Raw Food Diet in 1985 and in August 1987 he went over to a more predominant Fruitarian Diet. Since he moved to Trinity Beach, North of Cairns, in the tropical zone of Australia in 1990, he has been on a virtually all-fruit diet.

Rene is very healthy, is fit and alert with a clear perceptive mind. He practices Yoga, walks for hours on the beach, swims often over 300 meters at a time, rides a 15 speed push bike when suitable. He has not experienced any headaches, colds, flus or any other ailments for 10 years and, except for getting a bloodtest done, has not been to the doctor for that time either! He is 68 and has no feelings for that age, feels much younger and fitter than he was at 44! He is a student of Life Science. Rene can be contacted at: fruitnet@ozemail.com.au

Rene states: "Give yourself the greatest gifts of all... Your health, without which nothing is of value!" Gain that vibrant health ... simply change your diet and lifestyle ... You will be forever grateful you did!"


The Network was co-founded by RENE BERESFORD in March 1988, and Rene has been the coordinator since that date.

Rene publishes a quarterly Newsletter "FRUITARIAN NETWORK NEWS" of around 40/44 pages, being delivered all around the world, in 16 countries at present. The "Fruitarian Network News" is both informative and social. It provides a means by which aspiring fruitarians/raw fooders/people in transition can communicate with like-minded people around the world. It contains articles, letters from subscribers, questions & answers, social contacts, a list of recommended books, activities, overseas news and much more. The Network is not a business, for profit or gain, it is voluntary and all work is done with love and dedication.

The Fruitarian Network advocates the Fruitarian/Raw food diet in accordance with the Vegan principles and the Life Hygiene philosophies.

A subscription to the "Fruitarian Network News" is $33 per annum plus postage.

 More details on the Network are under:
 The address is: Fruitarian Network, P.O.Box 293, Trinity Beach,
  Qld. 4879, Australia.  Phone/fax: 070-577.273,

Tue, 18 Aug 1998

Hi to all, You are all so beautiful and this "raw list" is a real 'grace' from the higher dimensions. JR, you are marvelous and surely "something" is working through you and we learn so much of each other. Our "evolvement" is due to our "sharing".

When I was in my early 40's, (in the early 70's and living in New Zealand then) it was me in my family who insisted on eating white bread. I was becoming kind of old man, mainly mentally, in my thought pattern. My then wife and children ate wholemeal stuff. I was suffering from 'lumbago', lower back problems, I had a stomach ulster, regular head aches and colds and flu.
However, I was still regarded as reasonbly healthy. I was breastfed by my mother who didn' smoke and was sparcely with alcohol. But, in Amsterdam (Holland) we were subject to lots of dairy products, meats and sweets which costed me my teeth already then at an early age - (Alas, alas, alas).
I did lots of handyman works on and around the family home, I had an aversion for pubs as I virtually never drank alcohol in my life and only smoked for some years after the 2nd W.W. I then came upon the book from Gayelord Hauser, "Diet Does It" and that changed my mind at the time.

I started to partake in the "whole-meal" area with the family, with the strange thing that I was 'racing' forwards and so called bypassed them all within a short period of time. It was also the time that I awoke to "spirituality" (I rather call it 'awakening', like we getting out of our dreamlike state) and I gave up on the religion I was brought up in. The family followed suit and also left the area of teachings which we could not agree with any longer, holding us back from 'expansion'.

With "whole-meal" I mean things like organic meat, free range chicken and eggs, 'organic' dairy products, fruit, vegetables, salads, everything had to be 'organic'. Also whole grain stuff, wheat, rice etc.

It was at this time that I got some discomforts, not actually knowing why and for what reason (detoxification had even then already commenced without me being aware of the processes). The worst one was a kidney stone, which turned up suddenly with cruciating pains. I had to be rushed to hospital where they took the wicked creature out under anaesthetic. That was likely also because of my addiction to chocolate and coffee. (BTW, I never had taken drugs, except the ordinary medical ones).

So, at this stage I can say that, when we change our diet, even from a SAD one to a so called 'whole-meal' one, already the body will react to it and feels better with the new food/nutrition. I.O.W., this was the beginning of a really GRADUAL transfer!!

On my 'awakening' path, I drifted away from my good wife and our ideologies were going in different directions. There was then a time, in August 1985, when also the kids had already grown up and were virtually all independent, that I felt good about it to return to the Australia which I had come to love so much when I at first migrated to it from Holland, (May 1956), before my marriage to my NZ born wife.

Then the greater changes took place rather rapidly. I dived into my awakening path with participating again with S.R.F. (Paramahansaji) and involved myself with some other Yogi paths and philosophies. I then also was looking for new areas for communication and attended a meeting of the "Natural Health Society of Australia" in Sydney. Luckily, they needed someone with administration and accounting knowledge to become the 'treasurer'. Well, I could put my hand up for this area. Great, they accepted me and I became also a committee member with all the benefits of being at the top end of meeting with "experts" and the availability of books and other informations in respect to health and diets/nutrition. What a great privileged start.

Then, of course, I made and met with new friends and with those friends we formed kind of "raw food" club. We did bushwalks and had regular togethers at different homes of the friends. Also, I formed a 'branch' of the N.H.Soc. in my locality in Burwood, in Sydney's inner west. It was called the "Raw Food Branch" and we attracted members from other branches because of our 'raw food' ideas!!! Many other branches catered for vegetarians and, believe me, there are many unhealthy vegetarians around because of the cooking still done and eating too many soy products.

So, I became rapidly a very predominant raw fooder, but still with the minor discrepancies of a bit of chocolate, a cup of coffee, but these two, which were my great addictions in NZ, were given up soonest and no craving is left for those. It was much more difficult to give up some cooked food and , Oh, that piece of cheese!! Sometimes I had a piece of fish.

Then, in August 1987 someone of our group suggested: "Why shouldn't we become Fruitarians?". Well, that tinkled the bell in me allright, I said enthusiastically, 'Yes, why not!!' We went to the Flemington Markets in Sydney and haggled for better and cheaper fruit, buying a larger quantitiy for the group. This was great, all that fruit eating, it was so easy, so much better than preparing salads. However, I still had salads and even still some cooked stuff and now and then a piece of fish and a bit of the , Oh, cheese!! (must be my Dutch heritage!!)
The transfer to a more predominant fruit diet was then a GRADUAL affair which lasted till end 1990, when I moved to the far North, here in the tropical climate.

In March 1988 we set up the Fruitarian Network but soon afterwards nearly all of the group fell out for their own various reasons. We produced first a one page "Newsletter", then a 4 page 2nd one. Meanwhile, I made a visit by car to the Sunshine Coast, 120 km North of Brisbane and about 1200 km North of Sydney. (sort of sub-tropical) Here I felt very strongly my new 'awakening' and I knew insinctively and immediately that I just HAD to get there and live there. So I did and left Sydney within 10 days, much to the dismay of the N.H.Soc. but I kept the 'books' going till end of June, by 'mail'.

I arrived early May 1988 and meanwhile I had put a small advertisement in the N.H.S. magazine about the Fruitarian Network. On this I got a response from about 30 people, who were deadly serious about it. I was but a novice in the area of fruit and the relationship to the body and the mind and the spirit it had. Not having the cooperation anymore from the original foundation members of the FNW, I kept going on my own and responded to the people as good as I could and also prepared a Newsletter No3 of 26 pages. Actually, I feel and think that this was the actual serious start of the Fruitarian Network, and... my own rapid progress in the area of health and nutrition. I learned very fast from the reality of the people and from the books I read and accumulated.

While at the S.C. I did some fasting, the longest one 21 days. I also did some watermelon eating for 8 days, juicing the rind as well, great chlorophil. These days were so good for cleansing, but I never experienced real discomforts at that time. I was very lucky to become involved with the "Basics Cooperative", which operated an organic supply shop in the middle of Nambour, a place on the S.C. So, once again I had an association with the raw food and fruit.

My own transition to more and more fruit eating followed suit. I had still many difficulties to overcome. I may not forget that I had about 55 years of Western diet behind me. I had to apply some discipline and had to adjust my life accordingly. But, you know, as you get more into it, it becomes easier. We have also to train our minds and our thoughts and with this Fruitarian Network I lived in a rather 'concentrated' area of fruit eating. One important issue I learned and that was CONTACT!

Contact, as on this list, dear people, keep in touch with one another, it is of vital importance to you all. Isolated you die, together you grow!!
Then, end 1989 I made a visit to the far North. I knew that I had to get there. The fruit I tasted and experienced there were far superior to those of the good Sunshine Coast. The far North is another 1700 km North of Brisbane. This is a tropical climate where the sun goes overhead of you twice a year. I moved uip North end 1990 and never regretted the move. Although you miss out more on the social side of life, being more isolated and with lesser population here, it is very clean air, always evergreen with small mountains and National Parks around.

It is here in the North that I grew to be a real predominant fruitarian, say up to 99% or so, with only a salad once or twice a week and a "now and then" little bit of "naughty", without feeling guilty. The fruit is with no doubt much better here. I had the availability on the Sunshine Coast of good fruit, working there also for a "Basics Coperative" organic supplier. But when I first tasted a Northern grown paw paw, the difference was obvious. The fruit grown here gets much hotter sun and seems to ripen sweeter and more juicy also. The variety of fruit is great, except for the "winter" (Hmm, 26C daytime!) in August September till about the middle of October. From then on it is feast again.

In mid 1992 I got a very severe detoxification crisis, naturally, I did not do a thing and the body generated it all on its own. What came out of my body was black as black can be, I lost 10 kilos in 2 days time and I had to crawl over the floor to the toilet. I am sure it was that anaesthetic that they used to remove that kidney stone years ago that came out of the body. It lasted for about three days and then I got a "runny" nose for another 4 days. Then it was all over and I regained strength again soon, but also, I was more keen to stick to the fruit diet. A bit later I undertook to eat only grapes and the juice for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, an automatic process had taken place. I say "automatic", because I did not do anything deliberately, but I got away from eating vegetables. I rather 'discovered' it, catching myself out for not eating vegies anymore. I had lost the taste, and as I said, I did not leave the vegies behind deliberately, it just happened. I think this is a natural process which all of us go through on the way to a more pure fruitarian diet. For instance: are you going to sit at table and eat a cauliflower as a meal?, or a brocolli, or celery etc. But, I am sure we can sit at table and have a rolinia as a meal, or a custard apple as a meal, or pineapple, or some bananas, or a small jakfruit etc.

Get what I mean? We long for that freedom of that canary which 'JB' talked about and it will come when we have that regular contact with our original diet and with people who are of like-mind and try to do the same. We support and encourage each other. Like the canary, it is a journey of "ups and downs" at times, we come back to the old, but at one stage we will have enough of the old and stay out with the new forever, never to come back again!!

Also my journey of awakening became deeper and deeper, I think that the purity of the blood goes together with the purity of the mind. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. I have still some discrepancies to work on, that lower back lumbago is sometimes still there in a subtle way. (when I do my yoga exercise too streneously!)

So, my evolvement is one of GRADUALITY, very important, I think. Bit by bit, everytime we eat fruit, (or raw food for that matter) the body has something to work with for cleansing.
A CONSTANT ASSOCIATION with our dietary reform will be encouraging to us. Maybe you could call it "lucky" that I was associated with raw food and fruit, (N.H.S. - raw food branch - organic cooperative - the Fruitarian Network - the tropical North). I don't think it is "luck" but an inner 'surge' and desire for TRUTH!!
RELAX into it, there is no rush, and to be relaxed there is need to be free from anxiety, worries, we are to be happy. This needs spiritual awareness and awakening. No resentments, forgiveness of self and others, cultivation of peace of mind.
NATURE is a great teacher. Whenever on the beaches or in the bush, or even here at my place looking out the window at the birds in the smaller garden, it is an inspiration. I love to observe it. It can be so restful and peaceful.
It doesn't come without effort and I am so happy that on this list there are so many who are encouraging and supporting me and others. Every area of my life, and yours also, is affected by our change. Our journey is therefore a great excitement, every obstacle is an opportunity and a test, not a burden. Therefore it can be a happy journey and full of joy, knowing that we 'conquer' something of our lower self and bring it higher up.

So I evolved into a more and more fruitarian diet, soon I trust, the Network and I have our own piece of land and this will be another step in the right direction. I have started to write a book in which many topics will be dealt with, also philosophical ones and 'awareness' ones, relating to the change in diet and lifestyle for a healthier humanity.

So, do the best you can, each one according to ones own personal circumstances, never force the issues. Don't be afraid to grow with falls on the way, we all injure ourselves at times, so what, stand up again and keep on trying, go up and down like that 'jb canary'!

All the best in good health, Peace, Love and Light, Rene.

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 00:10:28 +1000

Dear friends of this new list.

It was very encouraging to read the bio's of many of you and it takes courage to publish your bio to an "audience" which we have never seen or personally met. I had to get that courage together and let go, see you as friends who accept one another without further bias. Part of my bio (maybe a long one) is my reaction of some of yours, especially that of JR. I was very moved, my friend, by what your human story was.

I could not help but make up the following and from it, you, others, and I, can make up our own conclusion of what is of importance in our Earth journey.

A man,(could be a women just the same) was a drunk, a druggy, did many strange and kind of criminal things, generally, he was called "a bad person". But everytime after his drunkness and other actions he "stood up", said to himself, "no more - I am going to change", He tried, but failed! He didn't give up, he read this that or the other, and tried again, he failed, back to his crimes, drunkness and drugs. He tried again, and again, failed, failed again, tried again, failed again. OK, one day he finished his earthly journey and came to the "door" of St.Peter. "May I come in" said the man, "and see the Almighty". "Hmm" said St Peter, "gee wiss, you got a bit of a lousy record from down below, I have no idea what the Almighty might think of you" Anyhow, Peter let him in and the man came in front of the Almighty. The man felt bad and was ashamed to be in front of that Great Being, Almighty. "Oh, Almighty" he cried, "have pity on me". But Almighty calmed him down and let him be seated in one of the most beautiful chairs and let "angels" serve him. The man was astonished and said, "but, but, Almighty, I have not deserved this, I have such a bad record from down below, drunkness, crimes, drugs, and more" "What are you talking about" said Almighty, "what record?" I got nothing here about that in my books at all" "But, but...." said the man,and Almighty stopped him talking any further. "My friend" He said, "the ONLY record I have here of you is that you tried, tried , tried again, failed and tried again and again. I have ONLY noticed that you 'stood up' , got going, had the intentions to try and get better, that is all I have about you. My good friend that record, it is that, what makes you worthy to enter into my house, enter and enjoy the happiness and Love you deserve"! (end)

To me this means, whether we "think" we have been bad or have been good, good or bad have no meaning, it is what we have done with what we had, whether we tried to get rid of the bad, whether we made use of the good we had. I could not help but feeling a deep love for you, for our other friends, yes, also for myself when I realised that we are on this journey and get up and try and DO. These thoughts are part of my bio.

I was born in Amsterdam (Netherlands, better known as Holland) 23/12/'28. I grew up in a very ordinary family and in the days that there were no chemicals as we know of now. The land of th cows was all "pure" grass, the cows were slaughtereed "pure", the meat was 'pure', the eggs, the chickens, all free range, butter, milk, cheese, all was rather 'pure' and so on. My mother's father was a well known butcher in Amsterdam in the early 1900'drs. The good man lived till 91, had his little drink, his pipe, and his omnivorous diet. He had a strong constitution which I have inherited from him. Besides, Mum did not smoke and had only a little drink in the Dutch home tradition now and then. I was also breast fed, so altogether I had the fortune of a sound physical foundation. (BTW, just for fun, my mother was the youngest and EIGHTH daughter!!) Woow!

Of course, we had our omnivorous Dutch diet. When I was about between 4-6 years of age I contracted "middle ear" infection and was operated upon, as in these days there was not such a thing as penicilin to stop it. Why I contracted that at such a young age I do not know, but I have my own theory about it that it was "sub-conscious" as I wanted attention. (Born 2 days before traditional religious Christmas in these days, I was just a flamin nuisance!) However, my homelife was pretty happy, with 2 sisters and a brother. I have a most beautiful memory of my parents that they were "love-birds" right to the end when Mum died in 1976 at 74 yrs of age, Papa followed in '81 at 81 yrs of age.

During the 2nd WW I was between 11 and 16 yrs of age. I experienced some tragedies, better leave out the details. But in the last year of the war, when the Northern part of Holland was still occupied (North of the great Dutch rivers) we experienced real hardships and real hunger. Lots of people today have no idea of what real "hunger" is about. We ate dandilines, weeds, tulip bulbs, crocus bulbs, sugarbeets, potatoe bread, whatever we could lay our hands on or could sometimes get at farms, away in the country. In war I have seen the real cruelty of mankind coming to the foreground, I don't want to go into detail, but this experience is now a reason for my work for inner peace and harmony, there is where true peace AND HEALTH starts.

We did not realize and understand that we were actually healthier then we were before!! Less eating and more 'natural' eating. Although some elderly folks perished, more perished AFTER the war when the allies brought in the then chemicalised and refined foods. White bread (not seen for years), biscuits, canned meats, canned everything, you name it, the worst of foods you could think of. NO, or little vegetables and fruit was available, especially just after the war, as everything was destroyed, all transport and more. (no rail, mobile transport - cars - trucks, no electricity, gas etc). I may have some idea of what people in some countries today experience in having nothing to eat.

The reason that so many perished after the war was the sudden transfer of diet, the bodies were not used to eating much and not used to eating all that refined and canned stuff. For this same reason I ALWAYS say to people, when they change a diet to raw food and/or fruit, take your time, never rush it, do it slowly, gradual, the body must adjust after years of wrong or different diets. I have seen it happen after that war, please take notice of it. (I know I am digressing, but I saw Meridiths post, saying that after she read "Fit For Life" she went over to fruit, and she did not succeed - ask me why!) Anyhow, I feel that I should mention that I never liked alcohol, it was seldom that I partook in the traditional Dutch "borrel uurtje" in the home, never used non-medical drugs and only smoked lightly for about 8 years after the war when cigarettes were virtually thrown at you from the allied troops. Also, I grew up in a religious household and I am happy that I was then never a "luke warm" one. but followed it with a true heart. In this extensive "bio" I also talk about HEALTH and in this context as above, I had little problems. However, when I was in my early 20's, I already got problems with my teeth, what a shame, but what did I (we) know about it then? Life evolved happily again, Papa had suffered much in health from the war. (he was then between 40-45).

In April 1956 I left for Australia, by boat, arriving in May. It was the greatest day of my life arriving here in this "my" country, I loved it from the very first moment and still do very much, particularly here in the North of Queensland in the tropical zone where fruit is so greatly available. But end 1961 I married a girl born in New Zealand and went to live there, not really content, but attempts to get my wife to come back with me to Aussie failed.
So, we had still a good family life with 4 daughters and 2 sons, born between 9 years and four days. The eldest is now 34 the youngest 25. ( you have by now figured out that I have been around the Sun 68 times). I was much involved in the accounting and administration areas, as well as in personnel work, with studies done at Uni in Wellington, NZ.

I had the usual colds and flu's, experienced a stomach ulster, was addicted to coffee and chocolate, had regular headaches. I also contracted 'lumbago' which must have been generated by the stress factors in bringing up a young family. There was time spend in earning money and it sometimes took it out of us. I did lots of my own work around the home.


It was about mid 1974 when changes began to happen. I got into contact with Yoga, and became immediately interested in the philosophies of the "East". I followed various spiritual organisations and "gurus" and I was able to throw out the religious blinkers I had been wearing for so many years. I opened up to the "Spirit" and a whole new world came about, a whole new Universe, I experienced many beautiful moments. At the same time we became conscious of the diet we were having. We changed over to "whole" stuff, meat, chicken, eggs, baking, bread, became aware of organic vegies and fruits and so on. It was then that I got a kidney stone, which had to be removed quickly by operation. Maybe this was the first sign of kind of "detoxification"?

The violent 'electrical' shocks of the lumbago caused me to get "tachycardia" a fast heart-best. We checked out in detail over a period of time with the heart specialists in Wellington Hospital and we found conclusevely that the heart itself was in a perfect state and condition. Tachycardia comes and goes, off and on, without any prior notice or reason whatsoever. Sometimes it is "off", can be for a year or years, sometimes it is "on" also for a long or a short period. There are "nodes" on top of the heart which are the actual regulators of the heart-beat, a set of nerves, and they only have to be out by 1000 thousands of a milimeter to cause the "wires" to cross. I have noticed over the years of my virtually all fruit diet that I am better able to cope with it when it is "on". When it is off, I can do anything. Thus, it is not caused by my present diet, it goes back over 20 years and the heart is healthy and sound.

In August 1985, when the children had all grownup, either married or independent it was just the right time for me to return to my beloved country. There was some "family" disturbance with the wife, but in a short while we settled for peace and inner harmony and we decided that remaining good friends was the best solution and road to take, also for the childrens sake. Although divorced and most of the family living in N.Z. there is a great bond between us all and the kids are just a lovely bunch, one daughter is married living in the UK.

It was then that, back in Sydney, I joined the Australian Natural Health Society and became treasurer and committee member. I made many new friends and we formed a "raw Food" club with bushwalks in the Blue Mountains and having "dinners" and "lunches" at each other's homes. I also set up a branch of the N.H.S. in Burwood, in Sydney's inner West, called "The Raw Food Branch" and, oh boy, would you believe how many people from other branches flocked to 'my' branch!!! It was very encouraging. The start of my new life, which had already begun in NZ on the spiritual level and now also on the diet level. I met many experts in the field of health and diet and learned much.

August 1987 was the beginning of my predominant fruitarian diet, but as if there were "forces" out there, I was literally "pulled" to the Sunshine Coast, which is sub-tropical and about 1200 km North of Sydney. The "Fruitarian Network" had already commenced in Sydney in March 1988 and I move in May 1988, where I continued with the Network. Of course, I had still something else to eat at times, like vegetable salads, sometimes a little bit of cooked foods, a piece of bread, but never so much as to bother the fruitarian diet. Over the years it got better and better, I was very healthy and did not experience anyting at all, except at times that tachycardia (up till this day, it goes "off" and "on" at times).

End 1990 I moved up North, here in the tropical zone of North Queensland, about 1800 km North of Brisbane and living 22 km North of Cairns (you can see it on a good map) at Trinity Beach. Not yet our own large property where we would like a small community, (still in a rented 4 b/r home), but that will come in good time. Since I am here in the North, my diet of fruit has increased to a virtually all fruit diet, but we have here ideal circumstances. Little population, about 200.000 only in an area of about 350 x 200 km. no heavy industries at all, Cairns has 65.000 people only, we live close to the Ocean, the nearest Industrial country is far away from us. Well, if you look at a world globe, you will notice that the least land-mass (and population) is in the Southern hemisphere, that the largest Oceans surround us here, hence, our air is reasonably pollution free. Also.there are huge hills glad with rainforest trees and large national parks with fresh water, so we have a good supply of oxygen as the green is here always, it is evergreen with virtually no decidious trees around.

My health, it is just fine, maybe not perfect as yet. I had a true "detoxification" crisis in May 1992, which I reported in the June '92 Newsletter, it scared me a bit, losing 10 kilos in 2 days time and only being able to crawl to the toilet, but, once I realised what was going on I could take it and I have never felt any better after that. I am 180 cm (6 ft) tall and weigh about 65 kilos, I walk often briskly along the beaches for 2 hours, swim anything from 500 to 1000 mtrs, do yoga once a week, use a 15 speed mountain push-bike often and work like crazy on this Network. I do lots of meditation and connect with the "Universe" or "The All That Is". I have some ridges on my nails, but I am not going to worry about them, I feel strongly that HEALTH is our birth-right, and my experience tells me that we can train our thoughts and minds towards true health. I had a "medical" report in Jan 1995 and another one in October 1996. My B12 is low, but is has to be so, I have NO sign whatsoever of a low B12 deficiency, hemoglobin, leukocytes all are in order. My B12 was up in the last report, in spite of a greater proportion of a fruitarian diet. The doctors have expressed kind of amazement that I show all that energy and vitality, with a clear, elastic skin (at 68), blood pressure normal/good.

I think that I have gone well beyond a "bio", but, dear friends, this is me, that is what I am and I love to learn, also I love to help, but I may come from a different direction, if you can accept that, within reason, that's fine.

I am off to N.Zealand on 14 March till 4 April, to attend the wedding of my youngest son AND to attend the wedding of one of my daughters on the 30 March, woow, what have I done in my married life??!! I have also to get the March Newsletter out before the 14th March, so, please accept that I may not always respond, as much as I love to do that. It is not unwillingness, I have to set some priorities. I don't mind answering questions, but please be patient with the time I have available. Thank you.

I thank you all for reading this long story, I hope we understand each other better and I do truly wish you all the best of good health. Peace and Love.


Date Written: 16 Oct 1996

I commenced on predominantly raw food back in 1985 and on a predominantly fruitarian diet in August 1987. The last 5 years I have been on, say, virtually all fruit diet (maybe 99 1/2% ?). I coordinate a "Fruitarian Network" 'Around The World' and produce a quarterly newsletter. I have been around the Sun 67 times and although my health is not perfect (e.i. I may not be able to reach my toes, bend backwards etc.), I am in a very great state of health. I use my 15 speed mountain bike and pedal my way around often, make brisks walks and long swims, do yoga once a week. I have done fasting at times, but do not feel the need for this at this moment of time. I might do it again one day, but in nature, no animal fasts unless it is sick or injured. I must add that I live in the near ideal conditions of the tropical climate in North Queensland (just North of Cairns) in Australia, where there is good, nearly all year round fruit available. I agree with Ward's recommendation to Traci, that, indeed, the getting off the fast is more difficult than the fast itself. Thank you Ward for bringing this to Traci's knowledge. Also your advise on rest, yes, Tracy, to get the best results is to take heed what Ward mentioned. Did you know about Prof. Arnold Ehret's books "Rational Fasting" and "Mucusless Diet Healing System"? Maybe many of you aspiring raw fooders like to indulge in some of the books of Dr. Herbert Shelton and also in the Natural/Life Hygiene/Science works and teachings. There are books around from Morris Krok ("Fruit the Food and Medicine of Men").

The latest great book on raw food has just been released by the Raw-Foodists Stephen Arlin, Fouad Dini and David Wolfe. The book is called "Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet". Maul Bros Publishing, San Diego, CA.

I would not mind helping out whenever that is possible and acceptable, at the same time I don't mind learning myself from all of you also. We ( I think) should not concentrate too much on just food and diet, but rather look at the whole picture of our well-being, body, mind and spirit, it is wholistic and one cannot be without the other. I leave it at this at the moment and I thank you for the opportunity that we may play our role for a better Humanity and a rejuvenation of ourselves and our lovely Planet Earth. Best of Health to you all. Rene (ps, this Rene is a MR. Renee, with the two e's is a female) (just in case, as I am sometimes addressed as "Miss" or "Ms" !!!) Have Fun!

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