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Created on Thu, 04 Sep 1997

I just want to share this:

I co- parent a twelve year old boy and he decided out of the blue to go raw for a week. He lasted almost four days when some heavy emotional stuff came up for him and he ended up gobbling tofu and corn chips (he felt better at first but even worse later that night). Since then he's not interested in being raw, but that could change... and now he appreciates his food more (even if it is cooked). During the time that he was raw I felt so connected to him. He was more sensative and caring, more feeling, calmer... I can only imaging how much easier on the parents is a raw child... I heard somewhere that it was easier to raise 100 kids raw than to raise 1 cooked. I'm beging to think it might be true. But the pressures to eat cooked food are great and more so on a twelve year old who goes to school (albiet a waldorf school). Somebody convinced him that eating raw foods makes you cold on the inside. What next?

I was proud of him for doing what he did and though disappointed when he gave up, I realize that he has to come to Raw himself and that no pressure from me will help him over come the cooked food addictions. I can only control myself (and that barely...). At twelve years old they are starting to come into their own and need us to back off a little.

If a child has any consciousness or even just exposure to raw foods and the knowledge of the raw diet, he or she is way ahead of the game...

Robin Waters

Created on Mon 08 Sep 1997


I haven't written in a while because all the enthusiasm the raw diet gives me allows for little internet time. I am so happy to be eating raw. My diet's not perfect but closer than ever... very close to 100%... I have more capacity to enjoy life and music sounds wonderful... Despite the fact that since going raw I've broken three bones and ripped a hole in my abdominal wall, me and my partner feel it is like being super human. Of course we know we're merely feeling natural and that our previous states of mind and body were degraded by the flavored cardboard we were consuming, but we enjoy the contrast. She has more wind for flute. We can hold our breaths under water for longer. The ocean feels more inviting and luscious. I feel stronger and younger. My doctor had to ask me what diet I eat because my blood pressure and body temperature were so low (and because I look alive, rather than half dead like most of the people in the doctor's office). She was actually very interested in the raw diet thanks in part to the raw eatery that opened on Maui last year... !

For those of you struggling with animal product addictions such as to meat, eggs and milk products read a book called "Diet For A New America" by John Robbin's, heir to Baskin Robbins Ice cream... he turned down the opportunity to be part of the suffering of millions of cows and thereby making millions of dollars, because he had a calling to do something much more important. His writing style is warm and wonderful. He is sensitive, descriptive, honest and sincere. His may be the single most important book ever written. He has helped me control my dairy addiction by describing the conditions these cows must suffer for human greed and pleasure (addiction). He also has a video for anyone who doesn't have the time to commit to reading his book. It is available through the web page of a group called Earthsave Foundation. It is easy to find by searching, but it might be at The book is available all over the place, at bookstores and healthfood stores.

Oh and my brother lives in Boston. Does anyone know if there is a raw foods eatery there? The raw foods place here on Maui has influenced a lot of people. I hope to see more and more of them as it is a great way to reach people! Maybe in the future, when the money's flowing, I will help get some going.

Best wishes
(aka Molly)

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