Ronda Cowan

Last Updated:23 Sep 97
Date Written: Wed, 03 Sep 1997

I'm a 34-year-old Christian. I've been on one diet or another half of my life. When I go off, I've always gained it all back plus more.

I used to run and work out with weights and I need to "Just Do It." I feel tired and stressed out a lot. I have been constipated on and off since junior high, but have had no really serious health problems so far.

I volunteer for Clement Ministries. We go into churches and disciple folks in the area of finance, helping them get on a spending plan tailor-made for each individual family and encouraging them to get completely out of debt.

I'm married to a wondeful guy, Steve. He's 35, has a PhD. in Philosophy and is currently looking for a position in a college or seminary. (Know of any openings?) He's a sedentery, meat and potatoes kind of guy.

My brother, Everett, has chronic fatigue syndrome and has been detoxing for about 7 years. He's a big fan of Arnold Ehret and Dr. Jensen. Everett has been talking to me about detoxing for many years and has given me books by Ehret and Jensen.

After Steve had his cholesterol checked in May (340), I knew we had to do something. This summer I took a trip to Oregon with my mom and brother to see my grandpa and grandma. We ate healthy foods -- lots of salads and garden vegetables. I got to feeling better and knew I needed to change our diet. I'm trying to slowly switch to raw foods 1) without detoxing too fast and 2) so Steve won't notice it. (Ha!) He is really not with me on this, so the list has been a great help for keeping me motivated.

I like volleyball, board games, and crossword puzzles. I play solitaire to chill out. I do not have IRC capability.

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