Last Updated: 02 Sep 97
Date Written: Tue, 2 Sep 1997

Hi -
my name is susanna, and please excuse any faux pas, as this is my very first time on a mailing list. here is my bio: i am 27, and have suffered from chronic fatigue for nearly 10 years, and have found some help in alternative medicine etc. i am now on a raw food diet and have found that it has improved my health a lot, but i am desperately looking for quick, easy and interesting recipes. i have a very stressful job (partner in a young company), and so i do not have much time to prepare my foods. i also do not have many good health food stores in my area. i know that for the time being i have to make a lot of compromises - i can only cut down my stress/workload slightly, i spend too many hours infront of a pc, i spent all day in air and noise pollution - and i know that sooner or later i will have to make some major changes in my lifestyle. but for now, i have to make the best of my situation.

if anyone can help with recipes - i would be most grateful, and i am sure i will also have some useful tips to share. thanks everyone, susanna

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