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Date Written: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 09:54:52

i've been eating vegan for a year, and eating 100% [a]live foods (raw, sprouted,fermented) for 2.3 months now. i know this hasn't been much of a time but i think my [continuing] experience can still be relevant to share and nourish. i'm a womin, 19, i'm planning to cannalize my energies into studying all the multiple aspects of food in relation to the body, health, society, politically, anthropologically, historically, ecologically and,in extension, all the aspects of everyday life (housing, clothing...), i'm now involved with groups that have ecological anarchist (anti-authoritarian, not bombthrowers) tendencies, and the main reasons i've gotten on this list are to learn more everyday stuff and theory knittings on health, life, nutrition, the body, people, selfempowerment, collective sustenance and foods. to me, an [a]live foods diet has come to be[come] a magnificent and radical tool, act and process of life propaganda, an ecological craft, a play apology, a situationist foodism.

let's elaborate a bit...

life propaganda-

because we inhabit a social context of artificiality and numbness, a democracy where everything and everyone are equal and equally valueless, where no one can tell the difference between the living and the dead, because the entirety of our food industry is built on violence, death, profit and speed, because food and eating habits are a reflective and revelatory microcosm of how life and individuality are perceived, a livefoods diet, based on the simple principle that life creates life and death delivers death, unfolds as a celebration of life; a life based on the respect and nurturing of your body and environment where food is a process, an exchange, a link to the totality; a life at your own pace, a life as a continuing act of education where knowledge becomes intimate and festive rather than utilitarian and pure; a life promoting questioning, selfempowerment and selfsustenance since you are the one who grows your own food; a life of practical transcendence since food becomes a daily act entailing respect and creativity.

ecological craft-

the universe being a matrix of fibers where each being, each act, affects everything else, coming to a livefoods diet directly entails the respect of your intimate environment, your self, since you come to question your own, and others', wellbeing inside a cannibalistic society and foodindustry which feed themselves on the lifecravings of every individual by turning them into profitable readymade easy-to-buy one-size-fits-all commodities and fastfoods (sadfoods). A livefoods diet also brings forward a complete respect and reempowering of the planetary ecosystem since it is mainly based upon an organic, vegan, at home, do it yourself food culture which demands water, sun, air, good vibes (and magic...), which is low-scale and simple and which does not demand any butchering, processing, packaging, complex storage or transportation.* Because of that, a livefoods diet becomes an ecological craft where the self and the totality of the ecosystem are maintained into a nourishing dependency. *nowadays, in a livefoods diet, it is mainly sproutings, local wild plants, fruits, veggies and homemade nutmilks, nutcheeses, nutyoghurts as well as essene 'bread'types which are a complete do-it-yourself food culture (cultivation) since there still are numerous fruits, veggies, nuts and grains which have to be shipped from abroad, but if people (myself included) get their act together and integrate permaculture, biodynamics, bioregionalism, urban farming and compost/solar heat teknowledgies (as well as all the other stuff i forgot about and don't know about) it is completely possible to have all our foods without any processing, packaging, and any complex or unecological storage and transportation.

play apology-

i think we can learn a lot from children, their spontaneity, their playfulness while learning and being, their ongoing curiosity, (i'm a child admireror) and i think that a livefoods diet necessarly involves playfulness and creativity for the individuals who practice it since they are obliged (because of what they know) to put into question and reject all the generations of foodcooking/foodprocessing traditions and, consequently, are forced to go look into hidden histories of livefoods traditions, inside themselves, to be creative and convert some actual foodforms into [a]live food forms, as well as integrate the livefoods rythms and needs into this actual historical context, this actual time. A livefoods diet is playful since it questions (and acts on) how our society has become so alienated/alienating, fix and rigid inside its false diversity of plastic and sad foods, it is playful since it questions something intimate and usually taken for granted, hidden in tradition, it necessitates a personal involvment and creativity in its making, it treats fantasy as a direct guide to action!

situationist foodism-

As Hakim Bey says, "food belongs to the realm of everyday life, the primary arena for all insurectionary self-empowerment, all spiritual self-enhancement, all seizing back of pleasure, all revolt against the Planetary Work Machine and its imitation desires", and thus a livefoods diet seems to carry an even more radical potential since it also questions food forms and processes in their entirety, and this rebellion of everyday life becomes a daily rebellion against a state of living death (and deadfood) routinely called real life (and real food), and, the shock of the familiar suddenly seen, it radicalizes and spiritualizes the familiar and the everyday.

o.k, that's it for the bit of elaboration, tell me what are your own motivations and perceptions of what a livefoods diet entails!

now, i also have 2 questions:

  1. -i'd like to know more about all the different food combination beliefs in depth or overview, as well as reading references and publishers' addresses if possible. (Tom Billings sent a great post, and that's what spiked my curiosity, thanks), i personally try to respect, as much as i can, with it still being fun, acid/alkaline as well as some hygienist food combinings
  2. -i'd like to know more about different perspectives/opinions on eating veggies that grow in the ground, under the soil (carrots, potatoes, black raddishes, turnips,etc.) raw, i do it, i usually grate them and rinse them, and, after reading something on amidon and your body not being able to convert it, if forget what was said exactly, i'd like to know more about it.

thanks in advance

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