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Hey, everybody,

This is my introductory message. I am a new subscriber.

Couple days ago I discovered JR Ellis Website, Rawtimes, while I was searching for Natural Hygiene and Raw Food info. Great! Thanks so much for it, JR. Since then I left two messages in his guest book and subscribed RAW.

I just came back from Australia where I stayed at the Fruitarian Network, , a welcoming house which is simply a very welcoming house where the founder of the Fruitarian Network Around the World, Rene Beresford, lives. What a paradise!!!! Rene established the Network 10 years ago, and he has also been a fruitarian for about the same period of time.

The Network produces a quarterly newsletter which is informative and social, friendly, aiming at bringing like-minded people from all over the world together. It provides supportive environment for beginners and aspiring fruitarians and raw fooders. The newsletter contains articles, letters from members, questions and answers, social contacts, a list of recommended books, activities, overseas news and much more. The Fruitarian Network is not a business, for profit or gain. It is voluntary. All work is done as a service for those who are seeking to improve their health and lifestyle. Every member is encouraged to participate in it.

I spent 5 weeks in the Northeastern tropical part of Australia. It was a paradise on Earth. All day long I ate fruits, so delicious and unique that no one can even think that the nature may create something awesome like this. Just imagine a fruit with flesh looking and tasting like a soft delicately sweet chocolate mousse, and then you put a fresh coconut cream on top of it (which you get from coconut and blend), and you are absolutely out of this world! This fruit is called black sapote. Have you tasted it? Or another one called rolinea. It tastes like a creamy white pudding with a lemonish flavor. There were tens and tens of other exotic fruits like ramputans, jack fruits, durians, star fruits, custard apples (has nothing to do with apples). How can I live now in New York City? Two days ago I went to buy some fruits, because I am on a predominantly fruit diet. There was almost nothing to choose from! All those fruits in Organic stores looked so miserable to me. "The only solution is to go on a fast", I thought.

I read all the messages in the Guest book, I was quite impressed how many people are interested in the raw/fruitarian diet. All that I can say that raw food is the only suitable diet for humanity. If one wants to stay young, feel young, look young, be disease- and pain-free, then go on a Raw food. Educate yourself! Health is the most precious commodity! You won't have time later on! Start gradually, try to incorporate more and more of raw fruits and vegies into your everyday diet. Expect some detoxification effects, do not be afraid of them, do not treat them.

I have been on a raw diet for 5 years. At the age of 15 after I read a book The Miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg I went on a two weeks fast just for fun. It was in Russia where this book was quite popular at that time. Then I forgot all about it until 5 years ago, when I was already living in New York, a friend of mine mentioned that book to me. I rediscovered it again. It made so much sense to me. Since then I've been constantly educating myself on a subject of health. Now I am 32. My weight is 130 pounds (I am 5'10"). This is the weight I've always dreamt about. I enjoy my life, I feel and look terrific! Better than when I was 22. My skin is firm and young, shines with health and youth, because it is properly nourished from inside. I do not use any cosmetics, shampoos or anything else on my skin. I have not been to a doctor for 7 years! I am happy and smiling all the time, and always look forward to the next day!

For those who would like to contact the Fruitarian Network write or e-mail: FRUITARIAN NETWORK AROUND THE WORLD

Coordinator Rene Beresford P.O.Box 293 Trinity Beach N.QLD 4879 AUSTRALIA E-mail: FRUITNET@OZEMAIL.COM.AU Tel. 61-070-577-273

Good luck in your life journey,

Created on Mon 01 Sep 1997

Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico

I went there twice.

AWI offers a two week program. I personally learned a lot from there classes and I highly recommend to go there. Lectures are held three times a day, topics cover: physiological health, enzyme nutrition, indoor/outdoor sprouting, composting, food preparation, detox and colon care, lymphatic exercise, conscious eating, breathing, relaxation, wheat grass therapy etc.

Eating is very light, all raw of course, no wonder that so many people lose weight and improve their health significantly within 2 weeks.

Groups are usually about 10-15 people at the time. Make sure that there are enough English speaking people not only spanish speaking ones, otherwise they have to use both languages at the class which makes it annoying. Ask in advance.

One can go there alone, you do not need to have a companion or a friend.

They offer to stay either at the dorm, or private rooms (which are much more expensive). I stayed at the dorm ($700 for 2 weeks).

Call them for more info: (809)868-6307 I think the area code changed, check it out.

If you go there, mention my name to Leola Brooks. She is a director (black lady).


AWI is located 1 min from the ocean! I don't know if they still offer the same stuff, I was there twice 3 and 2.5 years ago. Hopefully, nothing has changed or changed to the better. Check them out, there is a link from Rawtimes/Organizations, I believe. One can also go there and then stay for quite a long time for free contributing some work (energy exchange). Enjoy it!

If you would like to write to TATIANA


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