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Last Updated: April 24, 2004
Created on 12 Jan 1998

    Originally Created and submitted to Raw Times on Mon, 12 Jan 1998

    My name is Alan. In 1977 I heard about nitrates in meat, and trichloroethylene in coffee so for an experiment I quit eating red meat, drinking coffee, and using sugar. I felt so much better that I continued on with it. I transitioned for a period of 6 months to being a vegan using fish, fertile eggs, and raw milk. I was a vegan from then until October 1997 at which time I went cold turkey to a 100% raw vegan diet. I changed to all raw because I was gaining too much weight and starting to get grey hair and at age 43 I found that totally unacceptable. So I started reading many books on nutrition and cleansing - the likes of Natures First Law, Ann Wigmore, Bragg, Walker, and Bernard Jensen. I was looking for the optimum balance of foods and nutrients to sustain a slim body, and vibrant health. Everything pointed to enzymes in raw food and death in cooked food. After trying unsuccessfully to loose weight by counting calories, using protein powder, a low fat-low fruit diet, high carbohydrates,low carbohydrates, and fat burners I have now lost 18 pounds in a little over 3 months on all raw food. Counting calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat is not necessary on an all raw food diet. I have never observed an animal doing that.

    I now pay no attention to how much I eat and frequently eat large quantities of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and avocados. All desire for cooked food is now gone, and am starting to look and feel better than ever. Not to say that its been all perfectly easy - I still get my fair share of stomach aches during cycles of cleansing. In the 20 years now that I've been a Vegan the only sickness I've had are colds. When I was 26 I fasted for 15 days on juice and used to fast one day per week - a practice I would like to resume. I try to exercise - walking, biking and get some sun everyday. I had all my mercury dental fillings removed in 1995. I also have found it very helpful to use full spectrum Chromalux incandescent light bulbs. I encourage everyone who is on or is contemplating a living food diet.

    Updated April 2004

    I've learned a lot about the requirements for perfect health and the living foods diet since I first posted my intro here in 1997. Being on the living foods diet now going on 7 years there's no doubt in my mind what so ever that this is our natural diet and incredible transformations will result from it. I myself just turned 50 but look, feel, and act like the early 30's. Over the years I've seen a number of people fail while eating only living foods for 2 different reasons. The first one has to do with proper living foods balance. There are a lot of people I've seen who think they can choose their own live food diet from just the foods they like the most. They say the same thing regarding living foods as they did about sad foods. They say every one is different and has too choose their own living foods diet giving them excuse to eat out of balance how ever they wish. They say as long as they are eating live foods they can eat whatever they want and never consider proper balance. What I've learned about a properly balanced living foods diet from others and experience are these things. Veggies especially dark greens, sprouts and sea veggies must predominate daily for the sake of minerals and enzymes. The daily ratio of veggies and sprouts to fruit should be 50% or higher. Eat only organic if possible and as fresh as possible. Stay neutral to alkaline in balance. Stay very low on fats excluding all liquid oils except for possibly olive oil. Flax and hemp seeds are best for omega's 3, 6, and 9. What I've seen is people eating too much fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds and not enough sprouts and greens. As stated in my original intro above, I've done it myself and now know the difference. This is the most basic sense of correct live food balance. Sapoty Brooks goes into this subject in great detail in his book or video eco-eating and his companion food balancing chart for proper balance between the major minerals. In the last few years I've met and talked to in person and in detail these live food representatives, Doug Graham, Rhio, Brian Clement, Victor Kulvinskas, David Wolfe, David Jubb, the Buetenko family, Paul Nisson, Fred Bisci, Kwatamani, Doct. William Esser, Doct. Flora and Annette Larkins. I'm on Rhio's site under the subject of coconuts.

    Other than proper dietary balance people focus just on raw foods and totally forget about other important lifestyle changes such as daily exercise, skin brushing, rebounding and or massage to move the lymph. The lymph does not move on it's own and will back up if none of these methods are used to move it. An hour of full body sun is needed, a minimum amount of water and or juices is needed. Enough sleep at the right time, at the same time on the right kind of bed is needed. A positive attitude and thoughts are needed with 2 books being good resources - As You Think and Your Body Believes Every Word You Say. Negative radio and TV media can quickly negate any other positive things you are doing. Swimming is very good but not in chlorine pools. Saunas are good for cleansing. Removing all mercury from your teeth is a must and then stay away from all toxins and chemicals. For me a water distiller is a must to have pure drinking water.

    I have just finished creating the initial version of my new website and business at On the site I'm selling kitchen appliances and equipment that support the live food lifestyle. Along with that I'm also selling other items in the area of health and fitness to enable you to have a totally rounded lifestyle for the best health possible. Examples are air purifiers, water distillers, rebounders, and soon to be natural bedding. I've been developing and now starting to test my own hydroponic sprouter for growing large quantities of wheatgrass and sprouts. When tests are complete it will be added to the site. The site is just beggining and many other products are planned but not up yet. I've tried as much as possible to have the lowest prices on the net.

    In health and well being

    Alan, or as many now know me ElNaturAl


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