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Last Updated:15 June 1999
Created on Fri, 8 May 1998

I have been lurking in the shadows for over a year now, reading and learning from all of you. My name is Alex, I live in north New Jersey and Iím 26. I was born in a small country in South America called Uruguay, one of the top beef eating countries in the world. My diet has effortlessly changed in the last six years from eating just about anything to a 75% raw vegan diet. In this six year period Iíve lost 10 pounds, I had one day of bad detox and have never gotten sick. unfortunately I will remain indebted to all of you, for all that youíve shared, since I canít offer much at this time because my intellectual and experiential knowledge is very limited regarding nutrition. I appreciate what you all contributed to the list. It has helped me in many ways and many that come in contact with me. I would also like to thank Aaron for the courage and transparent honesty of his last post.

ď. i want to create an organization that supports and promotes raw foods, with its primary objective to support humanity in finding their own optimal ways to eat. no moral judgment. whatever is best for each person and humanity as a whole. each person is different, and will need unique support. ď

To arrive at this ďview ď is very difficult, or at least it has been very difficult for me. To understand nutrition, health and life in general as continuously changing, as an essence that manifests in different forms depending on the conditions is what I call evolution because it is a better view than Iíve held before. Although I have some understanding of this intellectually, putting it into practice has been a slow difficult process because of my egoís resistance. It freaks the ego out to glimpse that it has no ground to stand on, that there is nothings that is ďrightĒ forever and that there is nothing that is ďwrongĒ forever (nothing that is intrinsically good, bad, real on its own, independent of other causes and conditions). In my opinion, the key is to understand (be one with) the essence (aspiration) and to know how to manifest it (put it into practice) in a given situation, time, person, etc.

As far as JRís question regarding the future of the list I should say that I find all the constructive, positive aspects of the list very helpful and beneficial. Iím finding out that since everything is a mirror or projection of myself, improving myself is the best way improve everything I do or am connected to and the first unavoidable step to making the world better.
Donít pay too much attention to what Iíve said, I donít know much. Before I slip into the shadows again I would like thank you all (and keep evolving). Live well and prosper. Alex, chauuuuuu

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