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I just signed the guest list and saw your questions so I decided to offer some suggetions. I first turned fruitarian in the early 70s. I studied with Viktoras and Wigmore, and read everything available at that time. I just returned to being fruitarian. But during all these years of being a junkatarian I have always wanted to go back to being fruitarian, and continued my reasearch on live food eating.

If you were to eat soaked nuts and seeds as well as fruit with some green super foods, you could meet all your nutritional needs. The good part about nuts and seeds is you can eat them dry and raw, they are just hard to digest. But you can carry your favorite with you for such an emergency, to get you by until you get home or somewhere that has raw fare.

I also agree with Viktoras on consuming things like bee pollen, brewers yeast, and the like for the city frutarian. That way you can get those all important alkaline minerals. There is also dried fruit which I eat then follow it with lots of water. Since I like them more dry than when they are soaked. You can also make seed candies that you can carry with you or something like Dick's mix.

About the soaking, it all comes down to taste. Wheat, and most nuts and seeds only need to be soaked 12 hours to become biogenic and edible raw. Sunflower, seseame, and pumpkin only need 6 hours. Your legumes generally need more time. However you should change the water at least every 12 hours. Unless you are making rejuvalac wheres you let the wheat sit fo 48 hours.

You generally do not want to eat sprouts that have bubbling water because that means that they are rotting.

If you have a cooked meal every so infrequently while you are transitioning, don't sweat it. Just enjoy it and then go back to raw. Worrying about it or getting upset on having slipped, or feeling guilty about it is far more damaging to your health then eating the cooked meal.

I hope this helped. If you need any more help just ask.

From the Heart.

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