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Created on Wed, 21 Apr 1999


I've lurked for a good week, so now I should introduce myself! My name's Beth. I have two children two and under, and my passion is to educate parents trying to transition thier kids (esp. newborn-2, since that's where my experience is! :) to a raw diet.

My transition started one day where I challenged myself just to have 1 raw meal. I wasn't sure if I could even do that. It never occured to me at that time that some people ate 100% raw. Well, My body took it from that one raw meal and never let me look back! I didn't have any health problems that drove me to sunfoods, but I'm glad I made the change before I did have health problems. I had a "healthy" (haha) cooked diet before.

Time goes by so fast, and now I don't even remember what I had for meals when I cooked my food. Trying to find a good use for some extra cabinet space that I used to call an oven. ;) Any suggestions?

take care

BethM Romans

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